Growing From A Boy To A Woman Part 1

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First it was just normal nipples, then a needle-like pain, then a lump, then a mould and then full grown breasts. But how manage? Why was I growing breasts? For heaven’s sake, I was a teenage boy of 18 years and not a girl. Over the past few months I had noticed that I was growing them. My breasts were getting bigger and my nipples were extremely sensitive. There were other things about my body that were strange as well. I seemed to have bigger hips and a larger butt than the other guys. I didn’t have much body fat around my waist. When I looked in the mirror naked, my body was sort of like a girl’s. I tried to conceal my growing boobs by wearing loose shirts or jackets. I was always aware that I had these mounds instead of a flat chest. I decided to speak to my girlfriend about it. Up to this point I was reluctant to tell her about my breasts for obvious reasons.

“Shade…I don’t know how or why but I swear I’m growing boobs.” Her response was a five minutes silence before she finally burst into laughter. Why was she laughing? Did she think I was happy about it? Or had she forgotten I was her boyfriend and not girlfriend? I began regretting. I shouldn’t have told her but if I didnt, who else would I have told? I have been an orphan since I was 10 years of age and since then, she has been all I had, my friend, adviser and confidant. I couldn’t believe the one person I trusted with my topmost secret had decided to betray me with a laugh.

You see, when one feels betrayed, and laughed at, there is a clear sense of being violated.  How often we get into relationship and believe we know the other person, their thoughts, their feelings, even their secrets.  How we believe they will always be there for us, just as we know they are right now!  Our own sense of wanting to be loved and accepted lets us believe this lie because we think it makes our life so much better.  Even if we know we keep secrets from our partner, it matters not. It is really the secrets we keep from ourselves that are at the root of all our problems.

“Femi you are just a comedian, breast ko, breast ni,” she finally responded with laughter in her eyes. At this point, I needed not to talk too much, I simply took off my sweater and you needed to have seen the astonishment on her face. She just stood there eyes glued to my chest…ermm…sorry, my breasts. I can’t remember what happened next except for the fact that I realised as I made an attempt to snap her out, my voice sounded differently. I called out her name loudly again, “Shade!!! Shade!!!” but the more I called out her name, the tinnier and thinner my voice became. No!!! God!!! What is happening? Not my voice again. I looked back to where Shade was standing and I watched carefully as tears slowly strolled down her cheeks. I hated to see her cry but I hated more to see myself go through such evil transformation. Something was wrong and as we both wept bitterly, we knew we had to do something.

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7 Responses to Growing From A Boy To A Woman Part 1

  1. oyin says:

    Oh wow!!


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  4. Dare Miarchis says:

    this should be fun, let me ready your next update


  5. Oladipupo says:

    u got to finish what you started


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