Carry My Message To Garcia


I had a field day with a friend of mine dickering over the petty items in his dime store. Intermittently, we would stop to have a discussion. Boy ol’ friend, really been a long time. Last I saw him, he was a student and now the tides of life have thrown him to haberdashery. ‘Life no easy o’, he kept pummelling into my ears. While he persisted in our cordial discussions, he went deep into the throes of life, spilling out wisdom like a sage over a cup of coffee. I’m glad he has seen life, I’m glad life itself came in the most intelligible form to nurture him. Must have been baker’s dozen years since I last saw him; how much he has garnered in 13 years,” he said mortified. I scoffed. Years ago, this friend of mine would say,
“I am irate. I have this uncanny hatred for the idea of values and the entire African society. I despise the fact that too much emphasis is placed on things I consider imperceptible. Our fore fathers were the bastards of the earth; an entire generation of illegitimate products of illegitimate children of Adam and annoyingly, they made a melange of savage customs – the custom that cannot provide an android phone.

Life is a free world, people call it a two-way street but it’s actually a cul-de-sac. Life is a lot easier than we make it seem and that’s simply because we make a foolery of freedom, placing stalwart concern on ideas that do not matter. If a man decides to transgene and become a woman what’s the problem with that? A woman who decides to enlarge her bosom should not be considered as having done something out of place. Why do people consider androgyny as a vice? If a man decides to have thousands of wives, what’s the big deal? If a woman decides to break out of her marriage suddenly and live a life of her own, what’s the problem with that? The society keeps horsewhipping those who flagrantly actuate their discretion to suit their enlightened self-interest, why? Life is not supposed to be a peremptory affair; life should be happy-go-lucky.

In relationships, there should be no reason why commitment should be so stressed. Not until marriage, no reason why anyone should be committed to another. If a guy cheats, what’s the big deal? If a girl decides to have multiple boyfriends, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t besides there’s no ring on her finger yet. Why should her freedom be undermined? A guy could keep as many girls as he wants and decide who to marry when the time comes, so should a lady. We are free living creatures and the only restraint we need is the one that inures to our discretion.  Why should the society decide what is right or wrong in a relationship? It’s all bullshit…
People live in cities yet their lives are run-of-the-mill. A man’s live becomes boring because he cannot drink to his fill and have great sex with whomever he deems fit. If he does, he is irresponsible. A young man in his 20’s is shackled by the ideology of barbaric inmates who came up with irrelevancies and called them ‘societal values’. Girls crave sex just as men. Why does society restrain them? Why not allow them unleash this fire in them and bless oh ye male folks with it, drink to fulfilment and live without fear of vituperation? Goddamn it, this whole life is boring.”
As an adult, he has grown to say this, “The beauty of childishness is the ability to question every logic of life and try to overreach ethical beliefs but with maturity, these questions answer themselves just as you grow up from one phase to the other. The more you grow into life, you will understand that every foolish move you made must be regretted one way or the other. That’s the cycle of life. We are created with rationality and the ability to purge our conscience. What is right may be relative but there is always a standard. Humans know what is just right, we only avoid the truth sometimes. No wonder even the bitch wants an upright man for a husband, the philanderer wants a virgin. There comes a time where the guy who spends all his time flirting around and drinking in pubs will have the realities of life looking straight into his eyes. Women misbehave and cheat just as men, and that’s because they can love any guy that comes their way and attaches himself emotionally, they crave to punish their partners who cheat or even because they are bored. But then, that girl who cheats on her boyfriend with his best friend as a payback, makes a lame move. They will quarrel like guys and someday bury the hatchet like men around bottles and then make fun of you for being a whore. You will grow to understand that revenge in that manner wasn’t worth it. Girls who know themselves do not bother over men who are not serious with their own lives.

The major problem of youths is the justification of stupidity and the postponement of wisdom to the future. They tell you, ‘We could be all crazy and frolicsome for now, when we settle down we will comport ourselves; fools. You are 21 already and you think your life isn’t settling down already? You are a jester. The drama you cause on social media will soon be swallowed in oblivion. You are 20 and above and you haven’t had time to set your priorities right? You are a joker. Sleep with men or women all you want. Party all you like but nobody runs away from their shadows. Someday, your misplaced priorities will find a way back into your head. You would realise you need to settle down, you have a family to raise, perhaps you have no idea how many millions will make a house for you, perhaps you think cars are stolen. You will need to work, you will need to cater for some persons whether you like it or not. You will need to marry, perhaps you could decide to be Don Jazzy or Linda Ikeji but trust me, their lives will always be a standard for the foolish. A real woman knows that she has so much inside of her that her daughter needs to tap out from. She raises a family and builds her daughter to make more impart. A real man knows that he needs to raise a proper family and stop fooling around. A real man knows that he needs to be committed to a woman and plan a future with her. A real woman knows that she doesn’t need 10 boyfriends to make it in life, all she needs is a man who will live his life for her and build her dreams up to achievement. A real man knows that he doesn’t need a side chick, all he needs is a woman who sees a king in him and encourages him to become that which he aims to be. A real lady knows that cheating on her man with his friend as a pay back is not worth it. She has got better things to do with her time other than fight for a man who is not ready to be serious.

Things are seriously messed up. People are messed up. Relationships are messed up. Families are messed up. Children are messed up. Kim Kardashian, Dbanj, Linda Ikeji are not standards for living. You are entirely different from them because you have a life to live that isn’t theirs. Stop justifying your inability to live well by the fact that you are not the first person to live wrongly. No matter how much we deceive ourselves, the truth is etched deep in our conscience. Admit it, you want to have a beautiful home, you want a loving and supportive partner by your side, you want good kids, you want children to make you proud, you don’t want gay children or lesbians, you don’t want smokers or party addicts, you want to be known for good and not bad. You are scared to come to terms with the truth within you hence you justify homosexuality, you justify strippers, you justify rascally men, you justify smoking and drinking. Instead of justifying, I advise you to grow up. You may have made the mistake once in a while. I am not judging you. We all had a past sometimes, it wasn’t our fault but it becomes your fault when you don’t turn the tables. You have a better life ahead of you. Innocent children are subjected to your discretion. It’s not too late to think like a real man or a real woman. If you set your priorities right, you may just have that perfect life you always wished. Have a relationship with the right person, stay focused and build yourselves together. Keep the right friends, I mean look at your friends, some of them have great potentials in the future; keep them, don’t lose them to your indiscretion because in some decades to come, they will matter to you one way or other.  In the end, life is a two way street, it’s up to you what you desire but before you leap, carry this message to Garcia.

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My name is Destiny Osayi Ogedegbe. I'm a promising lawyer in training, a perspiring teacher and a despairing optimist. I have a knack for art, music and writing. I'm a deep writer and I believe in reaching the world through my pen. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of things; that True Love exists, that words control ultimately everything, that we are way better than people would have us believe; that people deserve to be enlightened.. I'm the Scribbler!
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  1. iseoluwa says:

    Dope! Real, true truth and deep.

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