Last Week Of September (Meeting Her) – SOLOMON UHIARA


It’s been 2 weeks since college graduation. My dad was incredibly gingered with the thought of having his son back from the higher institution as a graduate. I on the other hand felt I had tossed away five solid years studying some engineering course which I definitely knew was going to be hectic if I decided to practice. I lived indoors, avoiding the old and young neighbours living adjacent and opposite our home. I hadn’t the muscle to project out explanations concerning what I intended to do now that I was out of the  beehive community of nerds and geeks, party raiders and professors who wore rim horned glasses pretending to know virtually everything. 

“They must be searching for me with their eyes,” I thought. Since they learnt of my arrival, the young girls incessantly came to our front yard to gossip about the latest happenings in the community while I locked myself inside my room peeking out the window and straining my ears to catch the audible parts of their boring conversations. They would babble for several hours. They sure were idle talks but still those talks were able to entertain every unconcerned listener around.

It was a Saturday evening. The melancholic feeling which always encroached into my mind when I wistfully kept to myself visited once more. In other to recuperate, I strolled out of the yard to the street.  I walked until I got to the town hall. It was a one storey building. I navigated my way to the top. I sat down on the plastic chair at the extreme so I could get a good view of the entire environment. The cool zephyr oozed towards the neighborhood directly from the lake not far away from the Food Research Institute a mile away. I shut my eyes romantically and slowly like I was being filmed by an invisible camera and breathed in the calm breeze. The soft breeze was soothing and it wiped the tiny lines of sweat that were accumulating on my forehead. It pulled out hidden memories which were long stacked in a second partition of my thoughts. I smiled and chuckled to myself as I experienced a short nostalgic feeling unaware of the fixated beautiful eyes from across the street. She wondered whatever it was that made me smile after countless minutes of silence.  I hadn’t ignored anyone this gorgeous in my dreams and I wasn’t intending on doing so now. I quickly composed a chain of lines I was going to drop on her in my head. I stood up and dusted the back of my denim jeans which I recently bought on my way back home from campus, majestically striding towards her like a crown price to a mere commoner. She didn’t move an inch even though she knew that I knew she noticed my staunch bravado. To be truthful, I would have tripped once or more but I was hell bent on showcasing my tricks as I maneuvered my way around the huge hibiscus flower that stood inches away from her. I smiled at her when she finally looked up and held her eyes. This singular act I must confess was to be a trip down hall of shame for me if I succumbed to her immaturity. I still looked into her sparkling eyes looking into mine. That was when her ego was hauled overboard by her harmless and gentle smile. She was slender and wore just little make up on her smooth fair face. Her hair was crimson red which moderately matched her lipstick and made me wonder how perfect each strand lapped on the other.

My confidence rekindled like a spark of firework on October 1st.  I sat next to her as I tried to build a conversation. She had a book by Mario Puzo, Fools Die opened in her laps.  I admired readers a lot so I asked her if she read often.

“Of course,” she replied, “you?”

“Me? Of course. I don’t kid with inspirational books, mind blowing novels and music.” I replied.

“What kind of music do you enjoy then?” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I unplugged my cheap zealot headphones and let her take a sweep through my Infinix mobile phone. She scrolled down and down for 30 seconds.  I knew because I literally counted. She swiped from page to page then tossed the phone back to me as she sarcastically mocked my taste in music. Believe me when I say that I was lost in her company. I just didn’t want to vacate the captivating scenery. I guess I was enraptured by her flow, by the way she twisted her eyes when she stared at me and by the way she conversed with me.  We exchanged personal details about our young wicks. Few minutes and she was hysterically laughing admiringly at my charm and poor jokes. We were developing a bond we couldn’t help it. We were dishing out secrets on top secrets to each other.

That was how we began and believe me when I say she fell throat deep affectionately for me while I on the other hand felt nothing tangible for her.  That was last September. Our relationship ended abruptly when I travelled to Port-Harcourt without even notifying her via SMS or WhatsApp.

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