Pray With Me


I have been young and I have seen a lot
My struggles have been deep, but the troubles have not overshadowed your blessings:
the gift of life, the gift of love, the gift of speed and the gift of height
Thank you for the early mornings and the chilling cold
Thank you for the air and the cool breeze
Thank you for this soft cushion and dependable chair
Thank you for the water that refreshes me
Thank you for my bed that is faithfully there
Thank you for happiness and the occasional sadness
Thank you for the sun: I sometimes wish you turn it a little down
Thank you for your rebukes that has made me better
Thank you for art, comedy and humor
Thank you for children with such free spirits and enthralling smiles
Thank you for the rulers without your fear: they are still in your hands
Thank you for me and imperfection – we have so much in common
Thank you for such wonderful sermons my father gives
Thank you for the corollary that makes principles into miracles
Thank you for my travels: I marvel at your creations
Thank you for the poor amongst us and the rich that are no better
Thank you because I do more than myself: yes thank you for faith
Thank you for your life in me and the peace you give
Thank you for the strength to face today
Lastly, thank you for sanity Lord and for your loud silence:
that is only when I hear you, yes, in your silence. Thank you Lord

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