My Encounter With The Wild – SOLOMON UHIARA

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I have always admired the wild and dangers lurking beneath nature. So being adventurous, I occasionally visited the forest a few miles away from where I resided. Armed with my sharp glittering cutlass, I would travel deep into its depths.  Last weekend, as I scouted this particular site, I heard loud squeals from the stream flowing within the forest. My adrenaline heightened and goosebumps grew on my arms and neck. The high pitched sound grew louder as I wondered who or what animal made such bizarre cry. I have recently learnt to control my frightened self and thus set out to see what lay farther. I tiptoed further trying to make no sound. 

From where I stood, I saw a figure bent over, struggling with something straddled between its legs. Honestly I thought it was some dog or a vampire eating and devouring an animal. That Dracula movie soon leapt into my mind, making me quiver with fear. I strained my eyes to see what this creature was. My eyeballs dilated as my brain processed the image my eyes met. It wasn’t a mere dog. This was the wolf that had escaped the National Zoo on Tuesday. It turned as it sensed my presence. It howled aloud maybe inviting his pack for a delicious meal of human flesh. I shook and trembled in fear. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I stood, frozen still and sweating profusely.

It snared at me as it left its unfinished meal for a better one. It unrolled the flesh covering itss mouth exposing scary sharp teeth. I can swear I saw it smack its moist lips. It was taunting me. I still wielded the cutlass in my arm. It paced back and forth maybe waiting for me to run. I was no fool, I have read some books on the wild and I even follow up the discovery channel. I knew how these things hunted. They hunted their preys by inflicting fear in them. It snared at me once again this time rushing towards me hungrily. I managed to swing the sharp cutlass end of the cutlass in time to hit it smack on the nose. It squealed crashed to the ground wriggling in pain.

I wasn’t going to let this animal get the better of me. I summoned up courage and athletically advanced towards it, slashing it on the head once more with my cutlass. This time I cut real deep, fracturing its skull. It was a clean head blow and it let out animalistic noises as if it was begging me to have mercy. I wasn’t no fool you know, you don’t mess with a full blooded Ibo boy and go free.  It died few minutes later leaving behind its heavy carcass which I hauled back home on my broad shoulders.

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