8 Cosgroove Close (The Place To Be Buried)


The day started as every other day of my life would start. Firstly with the general morning devotionals my family always have. It was Sam’s turn to read, teach and explain the word that morning.  He is usually fast at most of the things he does, so in less than thirty or so minutes we were done and sharing the grace. It was a public holiday and everyone in my family was very much around. Mum doesn’t like it when Sam conducted the devotionals, she always spend another thirty or so minutes going over what Sam had said in a very subtle way but that morning we were all shocked at her silence. “Mum, nothing to say?” Nene asked sarcastically but my mother just shook her head and knelt down bowing her head on the seat where she sat. We all did the same as Sam shared the grace.

It was almost 11am when our breakfast was served, I spent most of the early hours of the morning in Sam’s room, we were both watching a series from his laptop. Nene was supposed to assist Nneka the maid in cleaning up the house but each time I go out, I see her busy with her phone. She’s always with her phone. Sam was the one to bless the meal, he was fast about that too and as soon as he had finished saying “through our lord Jesus we ask,” my father was quick to ask, “Have you not learned anything in this house?…” 

I looked at Sam’s face to catch an expression but there was nothing, no excuses and no apologies, he just stared blankly at my father who was still speaking.

“I’m highly disappointed in you, you can’t even pray. How do you survive at school? “He was still talking when Sam began to eat his food, Nene joined him and I stared at the both of them in utter amazement. They must be out of their minds, I thought to myself or maybe that’s what the university do to people. We usually don’t expect guests on weekdays, it was a Monday and a public holiday. I heard the doorbell ring, followed by a knock, then a ring again, followed by several knocks on the door. It was as if whoever was at the door was in doubt of the doorbell. I stood to answer when my mom yelled at Nneka to get the door.

The dining area was not clearly seen from the entrance where people come in from. I was very curious to see who was at the door. I expected it to be my cousins. The next thing we heard was, “Jesus! Please, please don’t kill me please I’m only a house girl o,” it was Nneka shouting at whoever it was at the door.

“Nneka, who is that?” My mother yelled from her seat as my father stood up and headed towards the entrance. I knew there was trouble. I didn’t know what was going on and I looked anxiously at Sam for clues on what to do. He had his earphones on and didn’t know what was going on, Nene was busy with her phone so I stood up to leave for my room.

I suspected that my family were being held hostage after thirty or so minutes of silence, my mother hadn’t yell at anything, Sam’s music wasn’t playing and Nneka’s always moving steps wasn’t heard from where I was in my room. I came out of the room and peaked from the stairs to see what was going on. There they were, my family, my father, my mother, Sam, Nene and Nneka, they were all on the ground. I didn’t know what was going on or what was happening. The house felt so cold and quiet. I slowly walked down to where they were, “Mum, Sam, Dad…” I called but no one answered me. The obvious had happened.

“Sam, I called out again, that was when I felt something hit me at my back. That is all I can remember sir, before I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital not remembering how I got there, I know my family is gone, dead by a face I never saw. Now I can’t walk because of a face I never saw, the doctors said I was hit by a very hard metal and it affected my spinal cord, I will be unable to walk again.

So if you’re reading this now, bury me where my family was buried, I don’t apologise for taking my own life. Bury me in white and on a Monday, in my father’s mansion where my brother and sister were laid, bury me in 8, Cosgroove close.

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About Michael Isaac

I'm a very open minded person who loves to meet as many open minded people as possible, I love to be very imaginative about my environment and almost about anything, like looking for another side of a two-sided coin... Writing to me is more than a hobby it's more like a part of myself which Is still evolving.
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2 Responses to 8 Cosgroove Close (The Place To Be Buried)

  1. Babatunde Adedamola says:

    I didn’t expect it to end like this…. The writer got into my head and made a twist out of the whole story. I enjoyed this.


  2. Favour says:

    Nice Nice


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