Take Me Home (18+)


I sigh as I finally find a space to park my 2016 Mercedes-Benz G Class in one of the few spaces left at Ikeja City Mall. I hate having to drive myself around anywhere in Lagos considering how terrible most of the roads are but with today being a Sunday, I have no other choice. Adamu, the driver Alhaji had gotten for me when he bought me the car always had Sundays off.  I cursed silently under my breath, fuck Godwin for forcing us to meet on a Sunday. He knows I need him and that is why he is dictating the terms of the meeting.

I slam the door shut as my mind wanders to Godwin. I had come close to dating the bastard once. Thank God I dodged that bullet. He had been sweet and charming, or maybe he had appeared so because I met him at a time when I was having my marital crisis with Chris. I should have known all men are the same! Always seeking the most readily available pussy they could get.  Who needs love anyways? Thank God I realised the pussy power before it was too late. Following the finalisation of the divorce from Chris and the betrayal from Godwin when he had decided to fuck my best friend, Jemima, I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with love again. That was when I decided men were nothing more than play toys a girl had to discard as soon as a better version came along. Should a girl allow herself get attached to a particular toy, a better version comes along and the girl misses out. Just look at how well I have done for myself. I have Alhaji who is desperately in love with me and gets me my every desire. Senator is no different, with the all-expenses paid trips to Paris, Dubai, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Ibiza and any other choice destination and then there is Chief whose craving for me can only be likened to that of a man who has seen hell and now doggedly pursues the promises of heaven.

I sashay into Rhapsodys, the restaurant/bar where Godwin and I were having our meeting. I need his creative input on the new boutique Alhaji is opening for me at Palms in Lekki. Godwin is in the fashion industry and I can use his help. That we fucked once and didn’t quite work out doesn’t mean that I can’t remain friends with a man. Another tactic I have learnt to survive, a girl simply doesn’t burn all her bridges. You can expertly dangle the ropes of hope in front of man giving him the belief that he still has a chance at your punani while getting all you need from him. Only the small time runs girls hit once and run, the more experienced ones like myself makes sure to milk a man dry till he has got nothing left to show for the number of decades he has spent on earth. Besides, what better way to get free things than having loads of useful contacts?

“You are late.” His voice reaches me easily despite the noise of Tekno’s Pana blaring from the hidden speakers of the tastefully furnished interior of Rhapsodys. He is sitting at the far end where he can easily observe everyone coming in and going out. I sigh, he has always been loud. Most eyes turn to stare at me as I walk in between tables to where he is seated and while I might not like his loud voice, I don’t mind the attention one bit. I sense rather than see the lustful stares of the men as they give me appreciative glances while the women have the green monster in their eyes. I try not to bask in the attention of being the most beautiful woman in the room as I have just one business in mind, Godwin.

“Darling, you know how Lagos is…” I purr in the British accent I have perfected with constant practice as I get to his table. I lean in for a hug. He is still sitting down so he gets a full glimpse of cleavage as my outfit is a low-cut semi-sheer number which threatens to spill my boobs with its plunging neckline. The boobs stay in place however with the help of the dramatic furry black mini-dress.

“I like your perfume,” he says rather than respond to my greeting. He knows that I am not going to offer an apology.

“My perfume?” I batt my long eyelashes framing my smokey gray eyes before I continue, “but I am not wearing any perfume except for my natural scent.”

“I see,” he responds dryly.

I purse my lips trying not to be vexed at his indifference. I hate it when a man tries to act immune to my charm and of all the men I have met, Godwin is the only one that has ever gotten to me. I suppose it has something to do with his having slept with Jemima when I had been playing coy with my pussy. I hate reading a man wrong and I could swear I had him wrapped around my fingers and that he was in love with me but then Sneaky Jemima happened. Who would have thought that my best friend whom I had taught the art of seduction would have decided to use my own tricks to snatch a man from me?

“How is Jemima?” he asks, “are the both of you still ripping men into pieces?”

“Jemima is fine and we are not ripping men into pieces as you accuse,” I use one hand to flip my waist length platinum blonde hair over one shoulder while resting the other on his shoulder. “You know, you should loosen up. But then again, I didn’t come here to talk about Jemima, I am sure you guys keep in touch as it stands or has her pussy tired you already. She purrs about how much of a monster fucker you are.”

I allow my eyes look around the bar for the first time and that was when my eyes met his. There was no mistaking that he was staring at my flawless thighs which had been left exposed by the mini dress. I had teamed the dress with a pair of towering black suede thigh-high boots to add to my sex kitten look. He quickly averted his gaze in a clearly embarrassed manner of one who had been caught staring and his eyes went to his phone as he tried to act nonchalant.

“Damn, he is cute. I like his nose.” I say aloud before realizing I had said it to Godwin’s hearing. Godwin’s eyes follow my gaze and lands on the Adonis sitting opposite us. He is dark skinned and has on a finely-tailored three-piece suit that hugged him in all the right places.

“I never took you for one who is interested in noses.” Godwin says with amusement in his voice.

I turn a steely glare at him. “It is not every day a young woman comes across a fine specimen of manhood like that who has good taste in clothes and obviously reeks of money.” My eagle eyes can spot that he is wearing an Emporio Armani suit. Godwin’s laughter is just as booming as his cringe worthy voice and I stare at him in mortification and embarrassment as eyes turn to our table. I try not to stare in the Adonis’ direction to see if his eyes is among the eyes. Godwin speaks again as if reading my thoughts.

“Don’t worry, he won’t like you any less because of my laughter and yes, he is staring. He seems to like your thighs just as much as you like his nose.”

“I didn’t ask to know if he is staring again.” I try to act cool but there is no fooling Godwin, he can see beneath my ice queen persona.

“I thought you stopped doing young boys? Aren’t your sugar daddies satisfying you anymore? I am more than capable you know?” he says with a lewd wink.

“Go screw yourself Godwin, I came here to talk business and not to be sexual with you. Just because I am in my mid-twenties doesn’t mean I want to screw with immature boys who should still be suckling on their mother’s breasts.”

“Whatever makes you sleep better at night honey but I am sure that tight vagina of yours is not getting enough action as it should be. You know you were so tight that last time it was hard to get my cock into you. Do you remember? Do yourself a favour and ditch all this old men you carry around who can barely open you enough with their toothpick dicks, take cocks that would leave you gaping open and ready for more. Remembering how you were writhing on my dick like you haven’t had a cock up your pussy before still gives me a turn on.”

I turn away from him and try not to let my memory wander to that one time I had allowed this crude idiot fuck me. It seems like such a long time ago but the memory is still fresh. Maybe it has to do with his having a huge cock that can drive a girl crazy or the way he had lavished ice cream on my pussy before proceeding to eat it all out.

“god, you are so crude. Moving on, I need you to work with me on the boutique I am opening in Lekki…” I am cut off by the arrival of the waitress who arrives with a menu. I take the leather bound book and flip through the menu.

“Look, there is a drink called Blow Job. I wonder what that is.” Godwin says with a leer in his voice. I try not to laugh as my eyes scans the menu. Yes indeed, there is a drink called Blow Job and there is, Take Me Home.

“I would have a Blow Job please,” I tell the waitress who is smiling flirtatiously at Godwin. “Red Bull with lime for me please,” he says with a charming smile. “So you want a blow job?” there is a drawl in his voice as he winks at me.

I shift uncomfortably in my chair, patting my hair in the way I do whenever I am uncomfortable. “Can you stop with the sexual innuendos already? I came to talk business with you.”

“I doubt you would get any business done today with the way you and your cute nose boyfriend have been stealing glances at each other.”

Damn Godwin for being so intuitive! I turn my head and my eyes meet with the cutie’s again. This time, he does not avert his gaze but instead, he allows his eyes to rove over my body as if he is undressing me and I suddenly feel naked under his gaze. Thankfully, the drinks arrive then and I welcome the distraction of the waitress setting the drinks on the table.

“Here is your drink sir and your Blow Job ma. The gentleman over there also said to give you a Take Me Home.”

I follow the waitress’ fingers and she is pointing in the direction of the cutie.

“He wants to take you home sweetie, maybe you can also give him a blow job while you are both at it.” Godwin says slyly.

“Shut up!” I pick up my glass of Blow Job and stand up from the table, “I would be right back, I think I have some other business to attend to right now.”

To be continued…

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  1. Dami says:

    What a labricus lacuna story..waiting for the next edition pls


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    nice story yr

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