Soup For Your Soul

I am not even going to lie. The tension is here; between who I am and who I could be, between how it is and how it should be. It is a mighty struggle None like I have ever seen It was driving me insane, I mean I tried all I could do to stop thinking about it. It was just impossible. TV was no help, getting lost in chats didn’t help either.

You know how we keep dodging and procrastinating the most important stuffs and we deceive ourselves and get busy with the stuffs that really don’t matter. That is what I was doing. Oh yeah, I was busy. Busy doing everything. Busy doing nothing.

I couldn’t be distracted even with distractions. I knew I was in trouble. I wanted to do it God knows. Why wouldn’t I? It is that very thing that makes me smile with my eyes and do moonwalks dance in my heart. It is what makes me feel like I am contributing my own quota to the world. It is what fuels my hope. And yet, that which needed to be done, I found myself not doing.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t, that would have been a different thing.  I definitely could. I think the problem was, okay, okay, I was scared. Perhaps the word terrified would even convey how I felt better. Fear put me in a partial stroke, unable to do anything Every time I tried to do it, my heart would start pounding. I was scared of everything, myself inclusive. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I fail woefully? What if no one ever reads? What if I make zero sense?

What if, what if…

The other side of the coin even terrified me more. What if I am really good? What if I impact a life? You see my friend, fear is a really bad thing.  It lowers your self confidence in something you know deep down you were born to do. Then you feel like a loser.But then once a person knows he’s got a problem, then that problem is already half solved and that’s exactly what’s happened in my case.

Now I know I need courage.  We all need courage to be successful. Have you got courage to act outwardly on what you see inwardly? Or would you die a dreamer in the land of shoulda,  woulda,  coulda been? You need courage to be strong because you need to be strong  to defy your inner insecurities that say you aren’t good enough. It takes courage to be exceptional.  To be wise, to be educated, to be real, to pursue your dreams. So quit staying in your room and remaining quiet. Reach deep within and find the courage to overcome. It might be tough but you’ll make it. Eventually. Say no to fear. Say no to mediocrity. Say no to waiting for that angel to drop into your life and wave a magic wand to take you from where you are to where you want be. Do not neutralise your uniqueness. Get courage and break out. Like me. I know this because I am writing this.

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4 Responses to Soup For Your Soul

  1. Mayowa says:

    Another fantastic piece. I confess that I always look forward to reading your penned stories.


  2. Da Jandy says:

    This is so apt. Thanks for this write-up.


  3. tega says:

    Asin, it’s like you kinda penned down how I feel most times. Lovely article.


  4. Good stuff. Commendable.


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