Holy Water: The Milkman (18+)


I peel off my clothes hastily as I walk into the house, slamming the front door behind me. For a moment, I take a glance round the living room and wish that Uche would walk in through the doors telling me he changed his mind and that he had decided not to go with his flight. That he had suddenly remembered today is our wedding anniversary; but I know it is fanciful thinking.  He is far off in the in air, on his way to his precious Ireland.

It still hurts remembering that conversation when he had teased my earlobes with his tongue as we lay in bed two nights before. He had come home tired as usual but he looked animated when he walked in. I had barely gotten up from my laptop where I was working on a story about Davido not having won any notable award since 2014 when he kissed me passionately and whispered,

“Guess what babe?” his voice was husky and I could feel his excitement.

“What is it dear? You know I am not good at guessing,” I replied with a laugh, closing my laptop and wondering what was making him so excited.

“I am going to Ireland with my boss. He chose me to attend a conference with him during this Ileya break. Imagine! Me!! He chose me!!!” His voice rose in pitch with every word and he was so happy he missed the look of horror that crossed my face. I swallowed involuntarily.

“Ireland?” I repeated stupidly, managing to squeeze the semblance of a smile on my face. It was obvious he had forgotten that this Ileya is supposed to be our wedding anniversary. The excitement of going to Ireland had wiped out any other memory leaving him with only thoughts of overseas splendor.

“Yes hunnay. Get a bottle of champagne, we need to celebrate this.”

I walked away from him quickly, trying not to let him see my tears. Didn’t our anniversary mean anything to him? All through the evening, I smiled till my face ached and pretended to be happy for him as he talked about all he planned on doing on the three day trip. I refused to let my tears fall as I packed his bag for the trip, ignoring the pain in my heart. If he didn’t remember the anniversary, then I would be damned if I appear weak by reminding him of it or how much it means to me that we spend it together.

I don’t have this resolve anymore though as I walk through the empty rooms of our three bedroom apartment. I have just gotten back from the airport and I feel drained physically, mentally and emotionally. I am physically exhausted from the drive, mentally drained from having to pretend to be happy and emotionally empty now that he is no longer here. The framed picture of the both of us smiling on our wedding day stares back at me mockingly from where it hung on the wall. I begin to peel off my clothes listlessly, letting it drop to the floor till I am stark naked and then I kick off my shoes and walk barefoot towards the bathroom. I need to soak myself in a bubble bath and hope that the water would make me feel better. I head towards the kitchen and pour myself a glass of red wine which I take with me to the bathroom, sipping a bit as I prepare the bath.

When the bath is ready, I step in gingerly and sigh as the water flows over my skin. I rest my head and take another sip of my drink which is still in my hand. I close my eyes for a second and images of Uche’s fingers fondling my breasts in this very same bath assail me. The image of his naked, virile body is enough to make me feel instantly aroused as I remember how he had soaped me between my legs before his fingers slipped inside of me. The way my back arched and I had to muffle my sigh of content when his pulsing manhood teased my entrance. The look in his eyes had been nothing but love and devotion mixed with an animalistic desire. A desire that had been unleashed when he rammed his pulsing manhood into me, I had felt complete then as he joined us together in one stroke. His arms had gone round my back and he lifted my butt up to grant him easier access as he delved into my sweetness, pulling out his dick till just the tip remained and then ramming it back into me.

Remembering this made me feel hot all over and without realizing it, my hand goes to my vagina and I begin to tease myself. I drop the glass of wine and allow my fingers to slip inside my moist heaven. It does not feel the same; my fingers don’t have the same hotness and heaviness of Uche’s dick. I sigh disgustedly and pick up my glass of wine from the side of the bath of again, taking a long drink this time around. I drop the half empty glass back just as the doorbell shrieks, shattering the silence. Without thinking, I get out of the bath and wrap a towel around myself, rushing to the door just as the bell goes off again.

It is the milkman. He has a keg of milk in his hand and I remember today is Sunday; he usually comes to deliver milk at around this time. His eyes rove over my naked body which is barely covered in the towel I had wrapped around myself hastily and I see him swallow. His eyes are pinned on my chest, my ample cleavage evident and glistering with water.

“I am very sorry, I was in the bath when you rang the bell.” My two hands are holding the towel to keep them in place so I can’t take the milk from him.

“It’s alright Mrs. Nwafor, if you would just show me where to drop it,” he says with his eyes still glued to my chest.

“Thank you,” I say and open the door wider to let him in. I lead the way towards the kitchen, conscious that his eyes are boring into my voluptuous behind. I open the refrigerator door for him and indicate that he should put the milk in there. Just as he brushed past me, I smell his manliness and our hands brush as he positions the keg of milk properly. I catch my breath when he stands up and our eyes meet; there is an unmistakable desire in his eyes. For a moment, neither of us says anything as my eyes travel his length, from his branded T-shirt to the tight pants he has on. My eyes widen when I see the bulge he is trying to hide. He shifts uncomfortably on his feet and I realize I am staring.

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3 Responses to Holy Water: The Milkman (18+)

  1. Jummy says:

    wow i love dis story lyk kilode…pls continue


  2. wofai otosi says:

    Nice one


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