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I grew up exposed to different motivational speakers and authors. Over the years, I have heard sermons, as it were, and speeches that could inspire and propel you to take action. However, I also grew up in a rural area, and I mean ‘very rural.’ Day after day, I could hear complaints and cursing. From the inability of the president to the corruption of the senate, people felt hopeless and handicapped, transferring the fault of their woes to the government. It created a mindset in me that made me feel I couldn’t do anything with my life except the government was good; except the economy was thriving; except all was put in place and well.

However, something changed. I started reading books. I consumed motivational materials and felt more knowledgeable than my peers and even elders. From Robert Kiyoski to John Maxwell, to Napoleon Hill to Brian Tracy, I followed these authors. Soon enough, I had mastered some motivational rhymes. “You must have a vision for your mission,” “a bend road is not an end road,” “there is an ability in every disability” and some that were not so rhyming like “if you can think it, you can achieve it,” and so on. There was a defect, nevertheless. These authors made me feel like I didn’t need the government. In my little world, the government was insignificant. My life was my life and if I wanted to be rich in the next five years, I could. It all sounded nice but it didn’t seem to work in Nigeria, the country I reside. It later dawned on me that Robert Kiyoski isn’t Nigerian which is the same with Brian Tracy and the rest of them. In their countries, they have stability of policies. Therefore, anyone could plan and things would work out accordingly but this is not so in Nigeria. You plan, you hope nothing changes or else you have to re-plan. The constant change of policies has aborted some beautiful ideas. I began to realize how significant the government was. To a great deal, whatsoever decision made ‘up there’ affects the citizenry. Who would say, for example, that the present economic recession isn’t biting hard? One plans to buy something at a particular time of the year or intends to set up a business and has laid down a budget. Something clicks ‘up there’ and the budget changes, with the expected expenses doubled or even tripled. The temptation to complain may be strong but before another curse word comes out, may we re-evaluate some things first?

From one extremity to another, from saying the government fully decides the fate of the citizens to the government has nothing to do with the fate of the citizens, could it be that part of the problem lies with us? Hold on, I am not trying to blame you for the increase in prices of goods. At least, not yet. You see, the focus on one sector has made other sectors deficient. The intensity of focus given to oil has made other ventures seem insignificant. One says, “I am an artist” and we go “okay?” Then another says “I work in an oil company” and the next scene, we are exchanging numbers. Our children have been trained in that direction also. So they go to school and study to get white collar jobs.

I wish not to enlighten you on a topic you know fully well already. When more businesses are created, there will be sufficient supply to meet the enormous demand. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Just as the scorching heat of the recession hits us, let us strive to play our part in boosting our economy, thus enriching our lives. How? You can think that out yourself. And let us not throw hope out of the window; it is needed for a time as this.

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