Take Me Home Part 2 (18+)


Excerpt from part 1:

I turn my head and my eyes meet with the cutie’s again. This time, he does not avert his gaze but instead, he allows his eyes to rove over my body as if he is undressing me and I suddenly feel naked under his gaze. Thankfully, the drinks arrive then and I welcome the distraction of the waitress setting the drinks on the table.

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“Hi, there, can I join you?” I say as I reach where he is seated. If he had looked like an Adonis from where I was sitting before, I have no words to describe him now that I was standing this close to him. His hair was cut in a fashionable low cut and his eyes were the softest brown eyes I have ever seen as he lifts his head from the mobile phone in his hand and stares at me.

“Sure,” he says indicating the seat opposite him. Rather than turn to take the seat, I squeeze my frame by him and the table separating the chair he had indicated. My ass was inches from his face as his knees brushed my exposed legs and I sat down self-consciously. He was staring at me intently as if he was trying to penetrate into my soul.

“Thanks for the drink.” I say and take a sip of the Blow Job which I still have in my hand.

“You are welcome, but I see it is not to your taste?” It came out more as a question than a statement as he eyed the glass in my hand.

I cursed myself silently as I realised my folly, I had left the drink he ordered for me at the table and brought along mine.

“I haven’t actually had a chance to taste it, I thought it would be good to get acquainted with the gentleman who was generous enough to order for me.” I smile seductively at him so that he could know I was flirting.

“It’s not my habit to order drinks for ladies and I wasn’t quite sure how your boyfriend over there would react…” he cocks his head in Godwin;s direction.

“My boyfriend, oh puhliz,” I say with a dismissive wave of my hand and continue in my perfect British accent, “Godwin is not my boyfriend, he is just a friend. Some silly old time friend, he is helping me with a new business I am setting up.”

“Oh I see,” his voice is slightly raised and he adjusts in his seat. The intensity of his gaze is unsettling and I stand up.

“Just a second,” I stand up and brush past him again, this time making sure to rub closer to him than was necessary.

“Market no sell?” Godwin asks in pidgin English as I get back to the table.

I find his voice annoying so ignoring him, I pick up the glass of Take Me Home and stare at Godwin with a sly expression, “This meeting is over, we continue some other time.”

“Slut much!” he says with laughter and I wink at him as I sashay back to my prey.

“I didn’t quite get your name, I am Natasha.” I say. This time I didn’t bother to sit opposite him, I plop right down beside him and take a sip of the drink he had ordered for me.


“Nice to meet you.” I say and lean close to the table to replace my drink back on it. In the process, I consciously hook one of my legs behind his outstretched legs and lurch forward, spilling the contents of the drink right onto his pants.

“OMG!!! I am so sorry Bernard.” I cry in feigned dismay, my hands flying to cover my mouth as I plaster a horror stricken look on my face.

I smile inwardly as I noticed my aim had been precise, the drink had spilled directly on his groin region and the area looked like he had just taken a leak on himself.

“It’s alright, I am lodged at De Renaissance hotel, I would just have to go back to my room and change into something else,” he says standing up.

“I am so sorry for my clumsiness,” I say as I rise with him. “Please let me accompany you and try to get the stain out.”

“You don’t have to, I would just send it off to the drycleaners.”

“I insist, it’s the little I can do after you were so courteous to order me a drink and I stupidly spill it on you.” I stop and laugh, “it is after all Take Me Home, or don’t you want me in your little space?”

There is no mistaking the invitation in my voice and he stares at me with those soft brown eyes again. We both know that I am not just talking about getting the stains out. He gives my body another run over with his eyes before replying.

“Okay, that would be appreciated then.”

We walk out of Rhapsodys together and as we pass by Godwin, I give him a sly wink while he only shakes his head in amusement. The walk to De Renaissance hotel was less than two minutes and immediately we are behind the closed door of his room, I pounce in for the kill.

“Let me get that for you,” I say as I put my fingers on his broad shoulders and run my fingers down his suit’s jacket. We are standing so close that I can feel his breath.

“You sure don’t waste time…”

I look up into his soft brown eyes again and see his mouth descending, forgetting the jacket for a second, I lean in closer and meet his kiss halfway. His mouth was hot and the kiss left me giddy as crushed me to his chest with one hand. I offer no resistance as I kiss him back with as much ferocity, my hand going to his head.

One of his hands goes to my right breast beneath my excuse of a dress and he caresses it, giving it a gentle squeeze. I have no bra underneath my dress so it is easy for him to tweak the nipple. The other hand goes to my buttocks and he slaps it gently before he squeezes gently. All the while, his lips are wrecking their own havoc and I find moaning in my throat as I grind gently against him, rubbing his rigid penis with my knee through the fabric of his trouser.

He didn’t need to be told of my impatience as he lifted me up and took me to the bed. He helped me get rid of my thigh-high boots first but before helping me out of my dress, he ran his fingers up my skirt and pushing aside my panties roughly, his finger came into contact with my wet glory hole.  He began to stroke my hot pussy with his long manicured fingers and I threw my head back in ecstasy. My breath was coming in heavy pants as he slid a finger into my moistness and then another followed.

The more he fingered, the more my juices poured out of me like a gushing well and I bit on  my lips to keep from screaming out in pleasure. He was clearly experienced at this and suddenly I felt like I had been deprived of good sex for too long. Not Chief, not Alhaji and definitely not Senator knew how to please me the way he was doing right now. Feeling my wetness, he pushed my dress further up to expose my secret place and he begins to trace his way up with his tongue from my thigh.

His mouth gets to my swollen pussy and removing his finger, he replaces it with his mouth as he begins to make love to me with his lips, tongue and mouth. I am deeply aroused now and I press his head closer as if I want him to get lost in my glory.  His mouth was an even better supplement than his fingers as his hot breath on my skin adds to the sensations going through my body. My body is quivering with sexual tension and unconsciously I begin to grind my hips upwards.

I can’t bare the pleasure anymore so I push him off me and without bothering to get rid of his pants, I simply unzip it and let his cock swing free from its prison. He is throbbing hard and heavy just the way I have always fantasied about my dicks and the head is glistening with precum. Closing my mouth around his member, I gobble on his cock hungrily while fondling his balls with my hand. He felt so hot and filled my mouth but years of expertise gave me an upper head in meting out amounts of pleasure I was sure he had never experienced before. His cock is too big for me to totally deep throat but I swallow as much of him as I can, allowing him to choke me on his dick as he thrusts into me with moans escaping from his throat.

After about ten minutes of sucking him, I whisper, “I want you to fuck me.”

He begins to discard his jacket but impatiently I push him on the bed and straddle him, impaling myself on his dick. He laughs in surprise but his hand goes around my buttocks as he helps with the ride. His cock is rock hard and I feel more juices flowing out, suddenly without warning, he flips me over and begins to fuck me with my back to the soft bed. It is as if he was trying to pummel me straight into the bed and I pull on his jacket as he rocks my world.

I felt the initial orgasm starting but  I wanted us to orgasm together so I push him off me and folding my legs around his waist, I open my legs to give him a wider access. His dick goes in deeper this time around and his breathing begins to come heavier than before. A tactic I had learnt long ago. He rode me hard and fast, and we both crash from the bed to the ground as we came together in one torrent moment.

“Fuck, where did you learn that,” he says gasping for breath.

I smile against him and play with his waistcoat.

“Maybe if you get out of your clothes, I would tell you when you fuck me again?” I say against his chest.

“I sure did the right thing by bringing you home!”

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