my friend - my phone

My childhood brings back memories. Yours does too, doesn’t it? I remember when the Nokia 3310 was introduced in the early 2000s (yes, I’m that old. LOL!). If you don’t, then you missed out. That phone should be tagged “Rock of Ages.” It was one of the best things that happened then (okay, maybe not to everyone. I mean some had either – SEGA, Family com, Gameboy, Barbie dolls or the likes. If you had them all, you’re the real MVP). Anyway, getting home from school one day, my dad pointed towards the table, and there the phone was. It seemed like a dream come true, after all I have heard about the phone. For a moment, I thought of how I would brag about it in school the next day.

Don’t blame me, it was always a competition back in those days in primary school. Sometimes, I pretended to recite the multiplications table with my classmates while I only mumbled words that made no sense.  You needed to have seen how we argued over who wore the best clothes for Christmas or who played with the most fireworks – “banga”.  Funny, the phone wasn’t even mine. If only I could fast forward to present times where iPhones and all sorts of smart phones exist, I wouldn’t even have bothered then. Who didn’t enjoy playing snake or space impact, even when it had to be done in a clandestine manner? It felt like they were the best games ever. Sigh… now there’s FIFA, Candy Crush and others.

The saying, “Soldier come, soldier go”, is apt in describing phones these days. The evolution of this device is simply fascinating. The world is a global village and our phones, whether in our hands or pockets, play a major role in helping us keep in touch with reality (not the Nokia 3310 though). Youths these days, are addicted to their phones. It has become the order of the day to carry mobile phones about, especially in this social-media-conscious generation we find ourselves. You see people take power banks with them almost everywhere, to parties, even toilets. Though it’s quite amazing what phones can do, it has affected most of us negatively. People now walk down the streets with earphones plugged into their ears, which isn’t safe in any way (of which I am a culprit). You also find people texting while walking. It would be another story entirely if they fell into a ditch somewhere along the road. The witches in their coven in some village would be put to blame.

Outings are no longer complete without taking selfies or pictures, which is fun and necessary for keepsake. It’s getting really hard having one-on-one conversations, without either person looking to see his/her new notification(s). You pick up a phone and see about eight various tabs open; Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, 2go (yes, people still use the app) and so on. All in one person’s phone! In my case, I can’t say I ever have that many applications running at a time. “Nepa” in my area is just terrible, they can play with someone’s emotions. By the way, it’s battery-consuming, so I’d rather not. Don’t be amongst those people that attend parties or go clubbing and text away while others dance and have fun, or those who are all about photos. Just go study photography and we would understand. It wouldn’t make a difference to stay indoors.

I’m sure if phones were human, they would be one of our closest friends. Most of us have probably been caught in moments where we ransack the whole place after just having woken up in search of our phones (ultimate search). Nobody seems to be old fashioned these days, everyone is keeping up with the trend. My 70 year-old aunt handed me her phone the last time I visited her, and told me “Mo fe wazzap,” she meant “WhatsApp” I was surprised.   I’ll stop here for now. Even if you don’t remember anything from all you’ve read, remember not to get carried away chatting or caught up in your phone, that you forget about the people around you. Savour the moments with family and friends because reality hold more magic than what you can have via virtual communication. In the end, it’s up to us to do what we choose to, to each his own.


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