Spirit Tales


Hmmm, the holy spirit says I should tell someone here today
“That his soul has been delivered from the Devil”
Is it true? I guess I mean, w..wait a minute, hallelujah!
Are you all really that ignorant? Really? Really?

Praise and worship with choir hymns, I said, “keep it low”
Bow your head, close your eyes the holy spirit’s moving
Sunday school and fellowship miss me, head ties and hair cut happen now
My Agbada glows, why you stealing glances? Stop it now
She asked him, “why don’t you come to church anymore?”
Says church is the new bank and wine is the new bub
And lies the new drugs, my sister the next sexter
My brother the next stoner, my usher the next dealer
Lucy awarding contracts, like he own these churches
Religion is full of slaves and they mostly paupers
Your old soul delivered, then the new ones start coming
Let’s show these people they could own their destiny
Oh Lord, I think my pastor was the only man
To own a Jet, Ghost and Rolls Royces with no Holy Spirit
You’re divine in yourself, face your fears don’t be scared
Say your prayers, pray he hears, it’s our only hope
Praise and worship with choir hymns, I said, “keep it low”
Bow your head, close your eyes the holy spirit’s moving
She laments “these things are not right, these things are not right”
Deacon had a thing for designer watches
Yes, I mean fancy grails and golden teeth
ushers keeps scanning through the offering bags
While serving some wine and crackers
Who’d you think is more important than your Lord and personal saviour?
My teacher preaches personal encounter
Make sure to count it as my only favour, thank me later
Amen, I have my own meeting with God, Lord
Holy Spirit, I’m on my knees
Father forgive me for my reckless ways
I probably didn’t know what I was doing
Your will is my will
Your wish is my command

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