Starving Prince


If you know that you are worth much more than who you have presently become. If something tells you that you are more than this and if you have revelations that shows who you are going to become in the future and the circumstances around you aren’t making these things manifest then, you are a starving prince. You have got battles to fight.

Look at yourself and the environment where you are positioned. Have you been positioned to flourish? This is because just like a great seed in a bad environment won’t grow, if you aren’t in the right environment, you definitely would remain stagnant. Positioning is very important. In fact it is everything. Imagine someone who is a treat to the world, who is wonderfully gifted but then just like a seed among thorns, he is positioned in the wrong place. He is in a bad environment.  A bad environment could be anything. People who don’t support you, mentalities that poisoned you, education that undeserved you, environments that polluted you; you need out because you can’t grow that way.

Many a times, we have to be positioned in nothing like our comfort zones to break free. We are master minds doing small things. We are playing safe.  Investing and planting into dry places, investing into small ideas and small minded people just because we are in the wrong soil. Get out.

For some of us, we are positioned among people that choke our potential. We’re in “cliques” with people that add zero value to our lives. We run along with them, talk like them, dress like them and act like them even though we know we are more than them. Even though we know we don’t think like them. These aren’t followers or friends you see, they are thorns choking us out. You need to be rightly positioned for success. You need an environment of possibilities and you definitely need to be fed into the stream of “you can do it people.

Have you given up on that super dream simply because people around you thought you stupid for having such a dream and kept on telling you it is impossible? That’s corrupt soil. Get out. Believe in you and your dreams. Believe in your seed. Believe in your greatness and most importantly be absolutely sure that you are in the right position for your greatness to happen. It is sad enough that you are a prince and you are starving. Not just starved for success or money, for some people it is for support or love or companionship or direction. If you are unsure if you are rightly positioned, just look around you, are you going to get what you want in that room, in that school, in that office, in that shop, in that relationship ? Deep down, you know the answer. 

Get out and start living. Cease to just exist.

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3 Responses to Starving Prince

  1. Wow! What a piece? You seemed to have mirrowed my life and situation perfectly well and put it into writing for the World to read.
    My prayer is, may God always place me at the right place and at the right time to recieve maximally from Him.
    Thanks for this piece.
    You are a Treasure.


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