The Day I Needed Love

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So here is how Sope’s Saturday went. I am Sope by the way, nice to meet you too. Ok so my Saturday. It’s really weird that I’m writing about this Saturday because it was a really boring one. I mean I should be writing about the Saturdays I had weddings to attend and birthday parties or beach outings with my family and bae or medical outreaches and stuff. Here’s what I like about this Saturday though, I figured I need to take a break. 

Yeah, I used to party on Friday night’s or attend dinners or high profile events with my boss (carrying all his awards in one hand) till like 4:00am, rush off to some wedding by 10:00am because I’m on the bridal train or it’s an aunt’s birthday and I have to get the cake and the drinks and caterers. Or go watch the little nephews and cousins play soccer or have swimming lessons or chess competitions. Or nieces attend birthday parties and stay with them till 5pm just so they don’t have too much sugar in their system. Other than that I’ll probably be at the eye clinic till about 4pm. This is what happens when you have the most outstanding boss in the country and you’re the only one who’s not married in the family (they think single means jobless). Well technically I’m not single, I’ve been dating this guy for like 3years now I’m sure he’ll propose soon enough.

Anyway I started this Saturday with a terrible headache and chest pain, I was sneezing like I was allergic to something, burning eyes, crazy hunger and weakness. Basically today wasn’t a day to go out. Calling everyone and telling them I’d have to cancel on them seemed like a lot of stress so I switched off my Nokia (they’ll call and send messages and I’ll check later). So to my iPhone, I checked my snaps and everyone’s having fun. I text bae and he’s busy, (well he didn’t say it but his replies say so) so I let him be even though I really wanted to talk to him. Then I check my Instagram, I’m there for like 30 minutes going through Donald Trump bants, makeup videos, dresses and wigs on sale. Boring! Best friend hasn’t been online since forever. Surprisingly the only people that are online are the guys that are trying to get into my pants…No way! I’m not saying hi. So I feed my interest in neuropsychiatry, topic being why men and women are different. I don’t like explaining this to people because a lot of people take offence especially women trying to prove we’re all equal. I like to understand what makes us different especially our brains and how our minds work, I’ve come to accept the difference, love it, work with it and let help me become a better person. Ok I’m rambling now. Another reason you shouldn’t go inside my head, you’ll get lost!  I ate. Pancakes, nutella, sprinkled sugar, an Apple, ribena. I slept. Ate again. Spaghetti, salad, plantain and fish. I spoilt myself this Saturday . When last?

I decided to do a lil man’s job and clean up, long story short I broke the window and I cut myself. Glass in two fingers and my palm, blood everywhere. If I was six years, I’d have cried my eyes out, even though I’m 24 I still wanted to cry and hear sorry and get cuddled up. I turned my Nokia on at about 8:00pm. No MESSAGES!!!  really??? Wow. The world doesn’t revolve round me. Shocker . I decide to text bae “Hey dear. How was your day? I had an accident while cleaning, I cut myself real bad. Could you get me some ice cream on your way here?”
Yuck, too needy! I cancel the whole text. When he’s free he’ll text me.  Next my best friend, but I realise my injury would be drowned in her gist of what happened today so I give up on that too.
I try some other people that should care but I realise I’ll just look like an attention seeking baby.  So I text my mum Yes at least I can be a baby with her without judgement
So I text her “mummy glass just entered my hand its bleeding real bad” and she goes all, “My dear
do you have something to stop the bleeding with. Take out the glass and stop the bleeding ok?  And make sure you cover it up so you don’t get infected ok.”

“Ok ma. I’ve done that,”

“Pele my dear. Be careful.. Next time ok?”

“Yes mum. Thanks.  I love you,”

“I love you too dear. I’ll bring pounded yam and egusi for you after church tomorrow ok. Take care. Greet Gbenga for me o.”

Firstly I wouldn’t normally text her. I’m sure I’ve not texted her in forever  Secondly, I’d have told her I’M A DOCTOR, I KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP MY OWN INJURY but then I was craving the love so I let her. And then I felt real good afterwards and she’s bringing mum’s famous pounded yam and egusi tomorrow .  This Saturday wasn’t bad after all, I got love from my day 1♡♡♡ and I got to be the 6 year old last child baby house all over again. Feels good!

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2 Responses to The Day I Needed Love

  1. Kamisi says:

    Superbly written 👏 👏. Got me wishing I’m Sope’s bae


  2. This is really sweet eye candy.Love the directionlessness in it.


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