Why So Serious? 


I attended a friend’s birthday party last month and it was all fun, we were all seated on a couch drinking, laughing and having a great time until one of the guys suddenly mentioned how he thinks that light skinned girls are more beautiful than black girls. He hadn’t even finished saying that when another guy straightened up and declared, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Light skinned girls aren’t half as beautiful as black girls.” And in the twinkle of an eye, they had messed up the merry mood as they began to scream at each other in an heated argument.

“What a shame!” I thought as I looked at the two morons and shook my head. I glanced at the celebrant and she was looking so disappointed. They didn’t even listen to her when she was yelling at them to stop. All for what? Light skinned girls vs dark skinned girls. Who that one epp? Like really?

I can’t understand people that are so opinionated. Like, what is your problem, why are you taking things so personal? It’s so ludicrous to me that a good number of people would spend all day on comment sections on the internet getting really angry and trying to prove that their opinion is the opinion that everyone should have. In case you didn’t know, sister, unku! It’s just a fucking opinion. Why so serious?

Our opinions stem from what our education system taught us, or peer group shoved down our throats, or parents brainwashed into our brains. So think about it, your so called opinions might even be wrong. Life is too short to spend it getting riled up when people don’t agree with your opinion or beating yourself down over someone else’s opinion.

This is my opinion on this matter. When you give an opinion, know that it works for you right then but that’s about it. Someone else disagrees with your opinion? Relax. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. You don’t always need to fight for the glory because really, what do you gain from calling people out and educating them on their “foolishness” (bearing in mind that even your “precious” opinion might be the foolish one)

What is the purpose of an opinion? To prove you are right? Well then, you are wrong. I might think that I am the sexiest woman alive (lol I wish!) but that is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Your own opinion about the sexiest woman alive might be different from mine but it would be dangerous of you to call me out and trash talk my opinion because I would haunt you in your dreams with a cutlass. I am serious.  No I’m not.

Get your ego in check. People don’t always have to agree with your opinions. I know it makes you feel like you are a winner and a mighty smart person but really, it’s not worth the stress and most especially it’s not worth the resentment that might be building in the other person’s heart towards you because no one likes to appear like a fool.

If you are still finding it hard to let go of your precious opinions and have a peaceful life, here’s something famous writer, James Altucher suggests.

“Hold your breath. Try holding your breath for just 30 seconds. That’s all it takes. Try it right now while you are looking at this line. Now, on the twenty ninth second, do all your opinions matter?”

The point is, it’s high time we eliminated burdens and wastes of time called opinions because we cling to them and protect them like they are more precious than the time and energy we waste protecting them. Refocus that time and energy on things that do matter such as your inner world for instance. Take a chill pill and stop being opinionated.

It’s never that serious.

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One Response to Why So Serious? 

  1. Kehinde says:

    Cool, as from today I will start taking a chill pill instead of holding tight to my own opinion on an issue thanks. I still think dark girls are finer than light girls tho, I mean if you are dark and fine, mehn, unlike fair ladies who have their fairness as an advant…. oh shit, am already sticing to my opinnion again! 😉

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