Holy Water: The Milkman Part 2 (18+)


Excerpt from Part 1:

catch my breath when he stands up and our eyes meet; there is an unmistakable desire in his eyes. For a moment, neither of us says anything as my eyes travel his length, from his branded T-shirt to the tight pants he has on. My eyes widen when I see the bulge he is trying to hide. He shifts uncomfortably on his feet and I realize I am staring.

To read part 1: CLICK HERE

I jerk my head up guiltily and my eyes meet his. He has an unreadable expression on his face and of one accord, we both step closer to each other. I splay my hands on his broad shoulder and without a word, his head descends. He nibs softly on my ear, something in me tells me to stop it, what we are doing is wrong but it was as if my hands had their own will.  I pulled out his shirt from his trouser and frantically attacked the buttons next. His free hand goes to my towel and one tug sends the towel falling to my legs.

I am naked underneath the towel and there are still spots of water on my skin from the bath. He buries his face in my hair and breath in the scent, making a sound in his throat like a person who just had a sip of an exceptionally fine wine. The horniness I had felt before while in the bath is back with full force and when his hand cups one of my breast gingerly, I feel like a dam has just been let loose in me. My knees buckle under me as his face leave my hair and he brings his mouth to torture one nipple. He flicks his tongue over the erect nipple, teasing with his tongue. My unstable movement sends both of us reeling backwards and we crash into the fridge but I am too aroused to be concerned about the cold door of the closed fridge as I moan.

My hands explore his now naked chest and find their way to his bulge. Hurriedly, I unzip his trouser and dip my hand inside like a woman desperately seeking for a particular jewelry in a treasure box. The hardness that meets my hand takes my breath away. His cock is fully at attention and pulsing with heat. He moves his head from my nipple and begins to lavish the same attention on the second breast while his other hand finds their way below.

Whether it is the water from the bath or my natural juices, I cannot say but his finger slips into me easily making a thousand sensations explode in my lust filled brain. This is the best form of torture ever; his tongue teasing my erect nipples while his finger performed their magic on my pussy. I purr like a satisfied cat and tug desperately on his penis. The shaft is rough with veins and I run my fingers over them excitedly trying to learn every secret they hold and get to the end of his length. I must have been doing something right because soon he begins to drip with precum allowing me to pleasure his cock head even more. He lifts his head from my nipple and with deft hands quickly unbuckles his trouser, the uniform dropping to the ground in a heap.

Free from the confines of his trouser and underwear, his penis is even more magnificent than it had felt when touching it. The head is a monster with its mushroom like structure but rather than have the thin shaft of mushroom, he packs a good girth to compliment his monster head.

“You want some milk?” he asks in a hoarse voice.

“Yes please,” I say in an even thicker voice.

He grabs me by the head and forces my mouth onto his cock. I gag as my mouth is filled and he thrusts in roughly, the monster hitting the back of my throat. He begins to face fuck me roughly, his hand pushing my head roughly onto his cock as I suck as if my life depends on it. Tears begin to stream down from my eyes from the punishment but I don’t mind. This is the kind of kinky thing I have been dreaming about for a long time and Uche has never thought to do before.

“You like that don’t you? You want that milk?” he is saying as he continues to thrust into my mouth roughly. “Suck on my dick and amma give you all the milk you want. Yeah, just like that, milk daddy till he has got no milk left to give.”

His dirty talk is turning me on more and my marital status fades into oblivion in that moment, bobbing up and down on his dick and getting as much of it into my mouth as possible as well as  trying to keep up with his pace was all I could think of. Suddenly I feel his cock twitch in my mouth and he pulls out roughly, leaving a trail of phlegm and spit, he slaps the shiny cock on my face and begins to jerk himself.

“Daddy is about to give you all the milk you can take,” he says as he strokes swiftly.

Eagerly, I open my mouth and await for his juices and like a tap, it suddenly gushes out. The first spurt hits me between my right eye while his second shot flies straight into my mouth. He rams his dick back into my open mouth and fills it with his sperm while I try not to choke as the liquid jerks out of him. Spent, he pulls out his cock and I wipe my mouth clean. He has a dazed expression on his face and he is suddenly shy again. It is hard to believe this is the same man who was talking dirty just some moments ago.

“Damn! You are good.” He says with a shy laugh.

“That is the best milk I have had in ages. I hope you have more where that came from because that was just for the pudding, I need more milk,” I say, this time my hand goes to my vagina and I wink at him slyly.

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Lover of fiction and in a constant crave for junk food. I write to express and not to impress. Twitter and IG: @thatboyakinwale
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  2. Hey, it`s a nice story.
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  3. danny says:

    Sexy story, Love it


  4. JB Hunter says:

    Sexy tales like this Makes me masturbate.


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