Diary Of A Playboy

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

“Shalewa? Check. Ngozi? Check. Sharon? Check, check. Bidemi? Tolu D…”

“Chuks!!! You get time oooo, so na all these girls you want go dey ‘check’ for hostel ni?” (Chuks begins to laugh uncontrollably)

“Segun! When you wan sharp like dis? Who has time to be checking on babes? This list here contains the names of all the girls I have ‘chopped’ and the ones I’m about to.”

I stood there staring blankly at him, short of words and filled with so much contempt. How could he find breaking someone else’s heart right? I thought that was like the hardest thing in this world to do, but he does it so casually. For a second, I began to wonder how he had so much gut to look into the eyes of someone he once lied to that she meant so much and simply rip her heart out despite her surrendering it, her body and even sometimes money. That day I concluded that doing such is something only a special breed of humans can do.

I really don’t know why but as soon as I started walking out of Chuks’ room, I happened to ask myself a weird question. “Segun, don’t you think it’s high time you became that special breed of human too?” Hell no!!!! I screamed out loudly not minding the fact that I was in public. Yes, I know that for a while now, I have always been the victim when it comes to love but suddenly switching from the ‘heartbroken’ to the ‘heartbreaker’ wasn’t going to solve anything or was it?

Now I am confused but come to think of it, why do these girls still fall for guys like Chuks at the detriment of guys like me? We offer true love, care, attention and one hundred percent sincerity yet they run after guys that care less about how they feel and derive joy in turning their hearts to a round leather ball. *deep sigh* They only remember us when they are a few months away from 30 and the pressure at home has multiplied. Can you imagine? They waste away their lives and our time when they are in their prime but expect us to accept them with open arms when they have become overipe Mtscheeew!!! You know they are actually being idiots because no matter how hard they try, the love is gone. No amount of begging, time or money could bring the love back. It’s all gone.

Right now as soon as I’m done writing this, I would be heading straight to Lekki where I intend to meet with a group of young men known as the ‘Heartbreakers’. Since my Church mind won’t let me become one, I have decided to solidly support financially and materially these men as my payback to all the girls who did same to me but then I remember I also have sisters.

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