Womangraphy Of A Lady (18+) – OLUWAJIMI. J. THORPE


In my write up today, I will be giving a full description of a lady’s physical attributes  using geographical features which are one of the best in their categories. Womangraphy is the total process involved in the description of a lady’s physical attributes with the process involved in getting involved. I will be relating her physical attributes with geographical features and locations in the world/ universe.


Oh the queen of garden of Eden, but yet AURORA rules like the king, AURORA has the power to build and destroy , what can we do without you, AURORA is wiser than the SUN, yet the SUN will never agree because it gives light to the WORLD.

Oh AURORA, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, I haven’t seen such creature with such unique complexion and texture, I wonder if you yourself is god, no wonder the creator took a part from the SUN to create such beauty, you have the SUN in you, and you know the SUN because there’s a part in you. You can hear my thought, yet you are not patient to listen.
Oh AURORA, your curve and shape gives a unique pleasure that even KING SOLOMON was confused when it leads to anything concerning you, you have made many sun to go up/down yet I can’t judge you because  ‘’SUN YOUR AURORA IS THE REFLECTION OF HOW YOU TREAT (8 5 R)’’.

The first day I saw you, you captured me by the force from your BERMUDA TRIANGLE, each time I tried looking away I found myself falling more into it, the only thing I could see was the reflection of me in you, I was confused, it was like I was been confessed by the Mother Confessor ‘’LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’’.

Each day I spent knowing you was worth it, it was like I was exploring the world, I remember that day in my room it started from XOXO and I started touching your TROPICAL RAINFOREST which is dark and full of long vegetation, at this point we were so into it, it was like we were no longer in the physical realm, we went spiritual. I didn’t know when I started approaching your VALLEY OF TEN PEAKS in which I started using the anterior of my part of speech to explore your VALLEY and the same time I was whispering your name, at that point your heartbeat increased so I moved to your MOUNT KILIMANGARO REGION still using my anterior part of speech to explore round region ‘’TANZANITE CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN MT KILIMANGARO IN THE WORLD’ it being a region full of treasures the pleasure AURORA  got from it was too much that AURORA wanted more. Aurora’s was already producing some mineral from MILKY WAY GALAXY which made AURORA very damp.

Writer’s Details

400L, Geography and Regional Planning,

Lagos State University.


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One Response to Womangraphy Of A Lady (18+) – OLUWAJIMI. J. THORPE

  1. danny says:

    Lovely , lovely


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