“Just a little more of your love is all I need,” Ezinne said as she went to sleep.

I kept on pondering and thinking to myself, “What more does she mean? Where’s her mind going to? Does she want us to have sex?” It was 7.30 am the next morning, Ezinne was still fast as sleep and even though it was cloudy, I got out of bed, brushed my teeth in order to prevent the usual early morning bad breath disaster and breakfast. I woke her up with kisses on her forehead, I held her gently and spoke softly into her ears as she opened her eyes.

“Good morning baby,” I whispered. Of course I knew what she loved but suddenly there was a loud thunder and a heavy rainfall that changed everything, we totally forgot about the food as I grabbed Ezinne’s right hand and pulled her continuously till we were outside.
“Hold me tight and never let go,” Ezinne said as she planted a heavy kiss on me in the pouring rain.

I tried to lift her up but I slipped and we both fell, we laughed so hard we  forgot why we were laughing then another kiss was shared as we both held hands and laid on the floor with the rain pouring heavily. We stared into each other’s eyes and it was safe to say we found love right where we were.

I pulled Ezinne up and lifted her up for real this time. “I will never let you go regardless,” I whispered as I carried her inside. I was about to drop her on the longest couch to get towels since we were soaked but she wouldn’t let go, we kept bouncing from walls to walls kissing each other till we got to the bedroom. I moved down slowly to her waist and put my cold hands on her left bosom, down to her belly button, Ezinne gasped softly. I felt the need to stop because I didn’t want to make things awkward since this was our first time together but I couldn’t. Before she could realise it we both had no clothes on; we were skin on skin, and there it was, a very slow yet cold feeling. It was exactly like I imagined. She moaned heavily with shivers rippling through her body, tears rolled down her cheeks and goosebumps appeared on her hands.

I felt the shiver and looked at her face and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s my first time,” she replied.

Just to ease up the awkwardness of the situation, I kissed her quickly as she held on to me tightly. Without hesitation, I went on, this time stronger and more passionately, breathing heavily I murmured her name,  We got tired, I stopped kissing  her and pulled back breathing heavily, She laid next to me, we cuddled with our naked bodies under a blue silky cloth I had used to cover us up. Just when she thought I had finished, my tongue rolled down her tummy sensitively. Freedom she shouted. We laid back on the floor breathing heavily.

“Do you regret it?” she asked

I knew questions like this were bound to come up but I never knew it was going to come up so soon. I nodded my head in the negative just because I knew the repercussion of us not using protection was going to be confusingly painful didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what had happened.

Two months passed, my phone rang and behold it was Ezinne, I had a big smile on my face. “Hey baby, I said what’s going on?”

“Mide, I am pregnant,” she responded.

“Wait, what!! How’s that possible?” I asked.

“We didn’t use protection remember?” she answered

“Oh shit!!” I exclaimed, my heart beating faster than the speed of light. I was sweating profusely. I was completely lost. I paused for a minute thinking of the next line of action but before I could utter a word she continued.

“Mide, don’t worry I know you are not ready for this and neither am I, I’d figure it out,” Ezinne said then hung up.

I called her severally to tell her not to do anything stupid and keep the baby that we’d take it step by step but her phone was disconnected.  Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, I never saw or spoke to Ezinne again. All I heard was she got pregnant for a dumb guy who advised her to go abort the pregnancy and she lost her life in the process.

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