Teaming Or Steaming – UDOBI SHADRACH

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A lot of times, people I run into do what doesn’t work. Most people try to motivate or get others working by transmitting their personal anxiety into them. Parents do this constantly just as teachers do, the same goes with managers and leaders in the workplace. They get anxious about their employees’ poor performance, and then they spread that anxiety onto their people. Then everybody’s tense and anxious!

Infusing your anxiety into other people only motivates them to get away from you as quickly as possible. If they did work, it would be out of pressure and not fun. Though you may get results, the regularity won’t be constant. This is because a lot of times, people get broken and quickly lose energy when under pressure and trying hard to meet up with a seemingly unpleasing boss’ standards. It doesn’t motivate them to do what you really want them to do. It doesn’t help them get the best out of themselves. Managers blame their own workers for poor numbers, when it’s really the manager’s responsibility. CEOs blame their managers, when it’s really the CEO responsibility.

The first step in motivating others is for you, the leader, to realize that “if there’s a problem, I’m the problem.” Once you truly get that, then are you really ready to handle responsibilities. Being a leader isn’t easy. That’s an obvious fact. You are dealing with humans that have wills and not robots. Conflict of wills can stir hurtful disagreements which will certainly stop or drag the work at hand. Unlike your computer, humans don’t have buttons that you punch and command them to do whatsoever you wish. In leading a team, you must realize that for the failure of the work at hand, you are to blame. Don’t you go about pointing fingers when your own part of the job which may include supervision has not been questioned. This is just the first step. Accept responsibility for your actions. Let your workers know that you’re an adult, except you choose to prove otherwise. That way, when trouble hits, all fingers are directed at you. Did I hear you say you don’t want that? You don’t want to be blamed for troubles to come? Then don’t consider becoming a leader in the first place.

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