Prayerlogy 303: I Dey Find Husband – BLESSING AJAGBE

prayerlogy 303: i dey find husband penastory

Baba God na me again, your daughter, Adesuwa. E get one thing wey dey worry me sote I no fit sleep. I even dey get serious headache for the matta. The thing wey dey worry me be say I dey find husband. I dey find husband bad bad. How e be say my friends go dey marry wey me I no come marry? Yesterday, one of my friend again, Salewa, seal the deal with her bobo. Salewa, Salewa, that girl wey be say broom stick fat pass her. Salewa wey go dey talk to anybody anyhow because say her papa be senator na she too don find husband. Salewa wey I fine pass, Salewa no fine na moni dey make her look like say she fine, she too don get correct bobo. Me say I fine, I come set die, na me still dey single. Wetin happen?

Baba God, if to say you wan answer me give me husband, make sure say you no come give me just any guy. I no want guy wey no get shingbin. For this life, I no fit suffer. As in, suffering is not allowed. I no say I no come from family wey too rich but if you won give me husband, he must get the thing wey we dey call moni, ego. He must to get car too. That one too dey very important cause I no fit they waka with am. No be just any kin car he must get o, but the one way be say people go break when dey see the car. You get na. If he no get correct car, I no want. I fit accept doctor, doctors too dey try sha. But if you wan make I happy very well, you fit give me husband wey dey work for oil company or maybe he get him company. Wetin dem they call those people again? Entrepreneur, yeah, na the word be that. But the thing be say, entrepreneur get grade. Even Mechanics dey call themselves entrepreneur. I no wan that kin guy, but the one wey be say he dey get like 500k every month. We go dey go abroad like say we dey go Abuja. E go dey spend moni on me like say I use jazz for him. If I ask for one, he go give me three. No be say I get ant eye o, but level must to change.

Baba God, if you wan give me husband wey get money, make sure sey he come fine join. I no wan the guy wey be say shame go catch me when I won introduce am to my friends. I wan the guy wey tall, he must reach 6ft nothing less, he must fine die, know how to dress wella, he go come get six packs. I no wan guy wey look like say he dey carry four months baby, e no fit work, or guy wey be say the nose dey too big or the ear dey stretch like antenna. That one no fit work for me. I fit manage guy wey dey use glasses sha as long as he fine and sabi fashion very well. I no too dey like guys wey dey use glasses, them dey look too serious for my liking but if he fine and sabi dress well, I fit manage him like that. Na manage I talk o.

Baba God, you know say I be your personal pesin. Me and you don dey tete. We be like 5&6. I know say you fit do this for me. No be you talk say, “ask and it shall be given unto you?” I know even ask for something wey dey too extraordinary like that. Na just this small thing wey I ask. You be sure persin and I no sey the matter don settle. Em…baba God, you fit answer me before this year run finish? I go happy well well if you answer me before the year run finish.

OK, the thing be say instead wey you go come dey stress yourself look for persin wey get all these qualities, e get one bobo wey they live three blocks from my house wey be the perfect persin. Im name na Shola. I know sey he be Yoruba boy but I no too dey mind all that culture stuff. All the qualities wey I tell you say I wan for my husband, he get am. Infact, he over get am sef. The thing be say, he no too dey notice persin, chai! He no even get my time at all. Maybe you fit touch him heart make him even look my way. Na help I won give you sha so you no go too stress yourself. But if you think sey you know need my help, no p. Na you be God and you know better pass me.

Baba God, I hail you. For in your name I don pray finish, amen.


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One Response to Prayerlogy 303: I Dey Find Husband – BLESSING AJAGBE

  1. Black Dagba says:

    I love this! Keep it up


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