A Naughty Reunion (18+)


I wasn’t sure about which I like best: the way he kissed me when he had not seen me in a while or the way he smiled when I rode him like a horse. If I was a cowgirl, there was no contest that I would be the best of them all if how I rode was any indication.

We had not seen in about a week and that was the longest I had not seen him and we had not done the dirty deed since he became my significant other. I took special care in my appearance as I wore the shortest thing that I could find in my wardrobe. I made sure it was also very easy to remove and I decided to wear nothing under.

He entered my apartment and I finally reveled in his appearance. It was a very long week without any sugar. That first kiss was like chilled Pepsi to a man working in the desert; refreshing. I did not want to stop but I had to play coy like I had not missed him. When I kept my head on his chest, the words tumbled out of my mouth, “I missed you so much,” I said. He looked at me with a smile, kissed me hard and said “I missed you more”. That was the end of words for us.

He led me by the hand into my bedroom and unwrapped me like a child gently unwrapping his Christmas gift. That act made me feel special and increase my wanting. When he saw that I was naked under, he spoke in appreciation. Foreplay was forgotten as I wanted to give as much as he wanted to take.

With my back on the bed and my legs wrapped around his waist, he delved into folds and then fastened his hot tongue on my left aching bud. Too many emotions were coursing through my veins. If one could die from pleasure, I would have been long gone. I felt my brain scrambling as words, numbers, shapes and colours became one to me. I was floating and even the sky couldn’t hold me.

I moaned so loudly that my neighbors could hear me but at that moment, I didn’t care about the first states I was going to get later on. I murmured appreciatively and told him that I liked exactly what he was doing. If you ask me what he was doing, I cannot specifically say. All I know is that it was too good. Finally, that moment came. The moment when I became one with nature, the moment when I feel the very essence of my spirit. I saw the galaxy and could swear that I saw the Big Bang theory happen; it was that life shattering. I could see that silvery and delicate form with so many flagella that happened to be my spirit. I felt like I was going crazy. I came so hard that I thought a mini earthquake was happening here in Nigeria and the good part was that he came right alongside with me, making the moment more special.

I had not quite come down from my high when he flipped me over like a pancake, told me to arch my back and assume position on my knees. I knew at that moment that he would be the death of me. In one sharp stroke, he entered me and I had to bite my pillow not to let my scream come out. He pounded me in every angle possible and I kept screaming, whimpering and begging for mercy. It was a torture but the kind of torture I would willingly go back for daily.

As expected, I came again and it was just as intense as the first. Then he held me close while I learnt how to breathe normally again, I felt utterly satisfied and was glad that I missed work.

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About lelovicks

I love writing, photography and generally being goofy.
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3 Responses to A Naughty Reunion (18+)

  1. Johnny Large D* says:

    Lelo are you dis good with with sex real life or just your imaginations? Wonder how you would sound real life under me.


  2. olise says:

    Johnny found out yet??


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