Here With You

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For the first time
I’ve fallen in love so catch me
For you I believed in marriage
Heading home and I’m wondering
How lucky tis to have you
You never though I’d make it this far
Did you?
Getting a chance to feel special to somebody in a world were no one cares
But I’m here with you
And I wish to be down till six feet
If I had a magic wand it’s my only wish
That you don’t die
‘what will death wish for if he had a lover?’
For the many he takes, living people mourning
Because memories left behind tell a tale of life and laughter
As long as you need me, it doesn’t matter, the memories
When I’m gone we’ll tangle in paradise
Lay on my bosom, don’t you cry, Suck a milk
If only we knew the world before it knew us
She would sing lullaby for the serpent
Reminisce on when it came out of the womb
Promising never to interrupt a cupid
Even if that was only what I could do
I would still never had done nothing that’s right in my whole life
Am I strong enough to stand alone when I see your demons?

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