The Chain Series: Diary Of A Submissive (18+)


Cuffs, whips, paddles, riding crops….what does he not use on me? No, don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I love it. The pain, exhilarating pleasure, suspense, thrill, sexiness amongst others cannot even been compared with what every other normal person got.

During the day, I am this classy, sexy babe that works in one of the biggest multinational companies in the country, during the night I am a submissive to one of the richest men in the country. When I pass, all the guys want to tap that ass while all the girls envy my ass. I love the attention but I get punished for it every night by my boyfriend that for the sake of this writeup we are going to call, Bae.

I met Bae during one of those boring workshops we have at the company I work. It turned out he is one of our biggest investors and he had fun sending me on all kinds of menial errands just to see my fat ass move in my favourite skirt. To cut the long story short, we started dating a short while after but it was hush hush. I hate the fact I cannot publicize my relationship but it is for the best.

Sex with Bae is not your regular vanilla sex. Heck, it is way more than your regular BDSM. He takes the whole BDSM to another level. There are times he holds my neck so hard that my air supply gets cut off. I pray during these moments that I would not die as it would make unnecessary headlines. His holds usually leave huge bruises on my neck and I would have to cover them up with scarfs which people thought was my fashion statement.

Other times, he cuffs and blindfolds me. I love the suspense as it makes me dripping wet. Not knowing what to expect also makes my heart beat wildly and heightens my other senses. I guess I am just one crazy bitch. The blindfolding is followed by merciless beating after which he proceeds to punish me with hard and fast sex. I usually have to open my legs to the fan as a result of soreness and rub my wrists with ointment to prevent scars. I love the feeling of being sore as he has a huge package.

My favorite style is him chaining me to his huge bed, stripping out of his clothes then forcing me to watch porn as he reenacts it on me. This usually makes me hot and horny. As a result of my squirming and the tightness, the chains usually cut into my skin leaving tiny injuries. Bae would then tenderly treat my injuries after which he would kiss them.

I love him taking me to paradise from behind while pulling my hair and smacking my ass until it becomes red and swollen. This usually prevents me from sitting well for days but it is worth the pleasure I get from it. I basically love him punishing me so I purposely make silly mistakes. Sex with him makes me feel sexy and desirable.

I love being a submissive as it is exciting. I do not think I can ever have normal sex again as I think pain is a healthy part of any individual and I love to get more than a fair share of it. I like being fucked till I’m within an inch of my life. I am a submissive and I love it.

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5 Responses to The Chain Series: Diary Of A Submissive (18+)

  1. Arinze says:

    Lord… Just damn…. Just damn…. Just damn.


  2. it is dmmm very hot.. marked 100% 18+ rating for this story…


  3. I love story…domination and slave is my fetish and favoriet role play…make me naughty


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