Why My Country May Not Be Better – ELISHA SEYITAN

I had finished from my place of work yesterday quite early at about 5:30 pm, I walked down to where I usually board a tricycle popularly known as ‘Maruwa’  at Eko Hotel roundabout to Obalende. I was amazed at the increase in transportation fare from 100 naira to 150-200 Naira and my inquisitive nature made me ask the rider the reason for the increase, and this conversation ensued “why transport don cost now,” he replied “Oga go slow dey road”. The rational side of me immediately became furious and retorted “shey na we put go slow for road ni”. I had to spend another twenty five minutes on the road to get a better price.

However, while on the trip I wondered at what my country has become. Do I attribute this to poverty? (that is a strong point) or let me say the sociological values that makes us up (that also is an affirmative). But in all I am scared by the somewhat orientation of Nigerians with the attitude of wanting to exploit every situation and person. Now, this has nothing to do with tribe or religion but a re-occurring identity of Nigerians. Politicians beg the masses for vote with a promise of heaven on earth and end up being voted (that is if they are not rigged into power). Once elected, they end up siphoning and embezzling public funds. Perhaps, for them, the perks and comfort of power is too pleasurable and appealing that it has become a lifestyle for them, seeking re-election to the extent that they become life-elected officers. This may also account for the reason why many of them will do anything to hold on to power.

Our religious houses are not left out, an institution that is supposed to be a place of refuge have now become an abode of exploitation coupled with their awful indoctrinations. The little means of sustenance of the congregation are taking away from them by the so called Pastors what some one has referred to as Yahoo Yahoo boys in suits. They bank on the fact that the wants and needs of the people are insatiable and there will always be a quest to seek a better living condition. with this psychological understanding of the people, they make unholy profits by making  unreasonable demands. so bad  that they make their followers borrow to fulfill their so called spiritual obligation.

Now the masses, the most smitten by the cankerworm of dis-orderliness rather than come together and join might to submerge and sink the ship of injustices and underdevelopment have unfortunately looked for their own little way of exploiting situations and people such is what I experienced that propelled  me to writing this article. Let us not be ignorant of the fact that the profits we make from such means are just for the moment, they do not contribute to the betterment of the society which we as individuals make up.

As such, I begin to doubt the intentions of the corruption fight by President Mohammadu Buhari because in truth corruption is not a function of wealth accumulated via illegal means and opportunity but a mindset that is built on dehumanizing fellow human beings by exploiting them. Corruption will keep reverberating if we do not change our mindset as a nation. A better Nigeria cannot happen if we do not change the mindset of eating from hand to mouth and understand the role of patience and handwork, transparency for us to have a better society. Until parents stop telling their children that “go to school so you can make money” rather go to school so you can create wealth for your society so as to make it enjoyable for your future generation. Until relationships are not built on what you can give but what we can achieve together. Until your pastors, imams begin to understand that many of the tithes and offerings are gotten via other means apart from armed robbery e.t.c and as such heaven is questionable. Let us begin to have a reorientation of ourselves.

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