Advice Me: My Boyfriend Has Been There For Me Through Hard Times But I Don’t Love Him

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Happy New Year to everyone! This is our first edition of Tell Tale Thursday for the year 2017 and we are starting off with the issue of cheating and as usual, we have someone in a love dilemma. Read the dilemma of Shalewa and drop your mature comments only.

Dear Admin,

My name is Shalewa and I am 25 years of age, I have been dating this guy now for about a year and I have to admit that he has been a very good boyfriend but the problem is that I do not love him. Honestly, I only started dating him because the guy I truly love only wanted to be friends with benefits and seeing that I am 25 and time is not on my side for very long, I didn’t want to put myself in a situation of being with someone who only wants me for sex.

Shortly after I started dating my current boyfriend, I started experiencing some financial issues which has left me in a bad place because I lost my job and heavily in debt. My boyfriend has however been there for me as good boyfriend should and always encouraging me that things would get better. I only like him as a person and not really in love and I do not want our relationship to lead to the intensity that would make him propose to me.

Please what can I do? This guy is all that a girl could possibly ask for but I just don’t find myself falling totally in love with him the way he deserves and it is tearing me up inside doing this to such a good bye. Please I need candid advice on what I can do because I suspect if I do not do something quickly, things would get to a point where I might no longer be able to control it. Should I let go of a good guy because I do not love him and hope I would come across another good person or should I keep on with the relationship.

Thank you and I would be looking forward to hearing back from you.

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PenAStory is a group of young individuals with a passion for literature who have decided to come together to write under one platform. We seek to educate, inform as well as entertain our readers. Also, because we are targeting young literature lovers, we would like to touch on other interests of their lives hence the relationship category and because we all need a bit of motivation in our lives, we decided inspiration won't be so bad
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18 Responses to Advice Me: My Boyfriend Has Been There For Me Through Hard Times But I Don’t Love Him

  1. Alaba says:

    funny hw sum Ppl think. Nw ur debt hv been paid off. He stayed wit u wen nobody care, God is watching u. karma is a Dam remember.


  2. Green says:

    if this story is true, the girl need serious brain capsules, most Nigerian ladies are perpetually childish with an evil mindset.


  3. Haniel says:

    I understood wat u are saying perfectly but the truth is dat u are wicked.y didn’t u tell d good guy u didn’t love him all dis while yet u allowed him spend all he had on u,u don’t deserve him.i will advice u tell him nw and break up with the both of dem and think abt ur life.becuz d outcome might be disastrous.


  4. Ozer says:

    She’s confused AF. Anyways, most of them are confused..

    If it’s a dude now, you’ll see them flooding in to call men all sort of names..


    • Corgier says:

      It’s sad what some guys go through. If only he knew the girl he’s trying to make an honest woman out of, is busy salivating over anoda dude’s cōck. . .

      Beta bucks, Alpha fucks indeed.


  5. Fergieboy says:

    Reason why I hardly spend on ladies. Other foolish guys do the spending while I do mine in the oz ozer room


  6. Lord zero says:

    An average Nigerian dude is brought up with the white knight mentality. . The knight in shinning armour BS and some other faulty mindset.


    • Corgier says:

      Then they have no one to blame but themselves when the said damsel in distress turns around and treats them as dirt.
      Back in the day I wud get so angry at stories/girls like this u know, but nah – not anymore. It’s like getting mad at a child for peeing his pants.


      • Lord Zero says:

        Same here. But once you understand it’s their nature, you just laugh.
        It’s up to men to wisen up and stop falling for their cheap tricks.

        What annoys me is when u try to explain shii to those white knights, they start calling you names and telling you about karma (only few are ready to better themselves.

        This is not about being a player or PUA (am not in for that), it’s abour being a better man. Someone that knows his worth, that knows pursuing his own happiness first is not a crime e.t.c..


  7. fuqman says:

    It sounds like you care about him a great deal, you just don’t feel “in love.” It may be that you just haven’t gotten there yet, or it could be that there is no chemistry on your part. How long have you been together? If it hasn’t been that long, I would give it a chance. Otherwise, you may want to let him know you want to be just friends. But a word of warning. Sometimes when a man is really nice and affectionate, it turns a woman off. But coming from someone who dated some real a**holes, a nice guy like that is hard to find, and you may want him after he is gone. Ask yourself if he has other characteristics that you like, or if he is really nice, and just plain boring. Good luck!!


  8. Harmthe says:

    because am a man I need to be heartbroken
    after d one she thinks she loves turn her to sex machine, she will still come back to him abi.


  9. Quinn says:

    Nooo! Don’t break up with the good guy oh!
    Please keep on dating him for the fun of it, enjoy every single moment…. life is too short. When it reaches the time of proposal, say No…if he doesn’t want to take no for an answer, just dump his ass


  10. Datyrilwon says:

    so after he has brought you back to your feet…you now realise you dont love him.this is wat we call “chop clean mouth”


  11. Aramade says:

    You get better boyfriend you wan leave am, later you will be shouting that men are wicked


  12. GSpark says:

    Similar story to what my ex told me, the only difference is that she said God said she should end it


  13. Free Spirit says:

    This is why many guys don’t want to commited relationship……chop and clean mouth…friends with benefit is the best…


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