All The Devils Are Here (A Side Nigga’s Tale)

I am really not a wicked person, I’m just another person with dark fantasies although most times it could be sweet as if I were eating honey and bread. I have always believed in Shakespeare’s quote of “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”, yes all the devils in hell are here. I am a devil, you are one, the next person reading is another. Having accepted that we are all devils, let’s journey to one of my dark fantasy.

I have always had this stupid thing of crushing on girls or women I can’t have. For instance, say I should be crushing on Yemi Alade or Tiwa Savage, the hour-glass types but I end up with girls I shouldn’t have. Wait, isn’t it that’s why it’s called ‘crush’? It should be someone you can’t have but you wish and hope you have the person right? Let me tell you of this girl, her name is…will tell you when I remember. I don’t know if she was sent to me from my dreams, in my mind it’s as if I am perfect for, like we are the perfect match but in reality I don’t even know her. This is why I hate dreams because you’d always wake up, I feel so sad for the American people because they think there’s an American dream somewhere. The sad thing is that it’s a dream and when you wake up it’s all gone. But this one girl got me infatuated and I am absolutely fascinated with thoughts of what she may look like. Between fate and time I really don’t know which was procrastination, either of the two had made me wait but wasn’t sure which one it was, but I felt it was somehow right. This time I saw her negotiating a bend adjacent my street, my mind at this point was already dividing, like Moses dividing the Red Sea, one saying “I would be stalking if I follow her and it could probably creep her out, the other got defensive and said NO! It’s only curiosity and moreover trying to be a good neighbor knowing where she stays”. I started daydreaming and imagining escorting her home one day or even if I passed by and she waves to me, how glad and gracious I’d be. But sadly that never happened.

Now I am in the town mall trying to get me and the boys some liquor to go through the weekend while watching the premier league when suddenly our eyes met. I told myself if I really want her I would have to grow some balls. Already walking towards her, I can’t even afford to dull it again. Everything that makes me keep disagreeing again, my legs keep walking but my mind screams stop!!! Head facing downwards, oh boy she’s seen you coming. I have to straighten my head and put a smile or something, my hands keep shaking, heart beating fast. By now I am close and have got to say something, my mind yells say something you shy fool! I stuttered.

“Hey what’s up? Sorry to interrupt but in these streets, I have seen lots of girls and you’re new around here and I was hoping I could show you around here and we become friends and we can watch football together or some fun movies?”

She looked at me quizzically and finally said, “I’d love to but I don’t like football, besides if I watch with you, then I don’t really think my boyfriend will like that!”

The words “my boyfriend” hit me so hard. “Okay! You said you have a guy, I mean, I definitely understand and I’m happy for you, I can’t be the only admirer and fan of a girl like you and perhaps I am sure your man is a very nice guy, it’s no problem am sure we may see sometimes later, the only thing I ask if things don’t work out for you two I am on the substitute bench and please don’t act like you don’t know me after all these strategies have put up.”

I started scouting this her boyfriend, research made me understand that she doesn’t even like him, she’s just with him because her family forced her and he hasn’t been any nice to her at all. I found out his name, the time he leaves for work and when he comes back, the route he passes home, but wait why am I doing all these? We will find out.

The next evening, I saw him coming home in his ride, some yellow saloon car, I ran up to him and hit the screen, destroyed his face with blows and stabbed him without pausing. I ran as fast as I could out of the scene. In a few hours the neighborhood was coming out and wailing, but I spotted her crying and had mixed feelings. I decided to give her little time to mourn her dead boyfriend, I could only console her as she cried. Then she takes it as a divine sign from the Reverend. Finally could she be mine?

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One Response to All The Devils Are Here (A Side Nigga’s Tale)

  1. anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this is writing based on J.Cole’s song “the girl of my dreams”. Let’s try and be original. I know the song like the back of my hand

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