The Dream: I Want To Be A Pilot – ALABI AYOMIDE


“Aeroplane..daddy aeroplane. Aeroplane..mummy aeroplane. I want to be a pilot…aeroplane.” This was the nursery school rhyme that caught my attention and from the moment I heard that rhyme I knew I wanted to be a pilot. I couldn’t get it out of my head neither could I stop singing it.

It was a long break period, the teachers were nowhere to be found, so it was just us students in the noisy class, then she walked up to me, “Ayomide what would you like to become in future,” she asked, I know we are still in elementary school but I just want to know,” she added.

“Well Aderemi I’d like to be a pilot, fly for one of the best airlines in the world, wear my pilot uniform with tinted sun shades and of course my customized Rolex wristwatch.”

“Wow!!! She exclaimed, “you’ve got big dreams you know that right?” she asked. “Well if your dreams work out as you planned I wouldn’t mind marrying you.” We laughed so hard and loud because we both knew we were too young to be talking about marriage or even careers in elementary school everyone thought we were insane.

Then TJ came close, “Mide and Remi, I overheard what you guys were talking about,” he said “but Ayomide what do you want to gain by being a pilot?” he asked.

“Well hearing people ask, ‘hey miide what do you do for a living?’ and i’d reply I’m a Pilot with so much enthusiasm is going to be the best feeling in the world. I’d have CAPTAIN MIIDE customised on my uniform. What else is there to gain?” I answered.

“Wow!! I’d want that, we should be brothers, we should do everything together, we’d both be pilots and we’d both fly for the same airline,” and so we basically did everything together, sat together, for primary 3 students we planned our future together but unfortunately our bromance was shortlived as I had to relocate. It was so sudden.

Baami came home on Friday evening and said we should go pack all our relevant properties, Apparently we were moving to the new house the next day, there was no way of communicating with TJ, so yeah that phase of my life was done. Years passed, I was already at the stage every high school student was always itching for, that stage where you are regarded as a senior and you have a senior suffix to your name. Yay! I was already in SS1 and it was time to make the hardest choice of my life as at that time, the choice of either going to the science, commercial or art class, of course I knew what I want so I picked the science class and started classes on that path with regards to achieving my dreams however I got home and explained everything to maami.

Maami wasn’t in support and she didn’t show it at first until when my sibling and I were asked to read and since there was basically nothing to read as it was the first day of school I started drawing pictures of planes and spiderman. Maami stood behind me for fifteen minutes watching me draw, when she couldn’t take it anymore she shouted “Is this how you want to be doing in science class,” which was accompanied with a resounding slap that made me deaf for some seconds.

The next morning I was eager to continue my journey towards achieving my dream when baami called me “Miide I heard what happened yesterday, I don’t think you would be able to cope in the science class, please move to the commercial class I beg you,” baami said.

I didn’t know what to do or say, was maami being sentimental or was she trying to show that love mothers show to their children when they are going astray or did maami just ruin my life. I moved to the commercial class reluctantly and for a second I thought maybe they were right because I was doing so great, I fell in love with accounting as a subject but it all changed when I heard about the Bermuda triangle in details, I became too curious, I downloaded all the flight simulation games I could lay my hands on, sought admission from various flight schools but I encountered  another hurdle as most of the schools were expensive and it would be difficult to ask baami to pay because I have siblings who study medicine and economics and asking baami to pay for an additional professional fee would be inconsiderate due to the fact that he has actually paid a lot to see me through the university as I’m already in my 4th year in the university studying accounting.

Every morning I wake up filled with regrets that I moved from the science class, if I didn’t move becoming a pilot wouldn’t be as difficult as it is a part of me gave up, saying it’s too late to pursue my dreams due to the fact that I need to have at least a little knowledge of science related courses while the other part of me still believes that where there’s life there is still hope so I’m sitting down praying and hoping that one day my dream would come true.

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