To vanish from this impious era, I

mind less
Conceivably recognized as a vain
To the toiled years i duly reminisce
As futility proved my paramount

To this world i pleaded with a wail
Upon my arrival on its terrain
To serve me right till my departure
But this it did in miniature

To this world I pledged my
Prospective days
But this it shattered in various ways
To my exertion I’ll personally extol
If no being cites and applauds my

To another realm
I’ll get deposed unceremoniously

To what awaits me in the
Subsequent world beyond
I remain optimistic

To the fatalists I now resign
As their belief  obvious-ed in my

To this notion i duly adhere
Perhaps my irrelevancy would be
Remedied at death

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About Rotimi Daramola

Rotimi Daramola is an aspiring author and a freelance writer who is passionate about the African culture. I'm currently working on my first manuscript,a novel based on the exploits of Nigerian youth seeking greener pastures outside their country , its entitled "Crossing Boarders".
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