Advice Me: My Fiancé Thinks I Am Cheating And Wants Me To Change All My Phone Numbers

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Today’s edition of Tell Tale Thursday is on the issue of cheating between a couple about to get married. A young lady currently having her NYSC has her fiancé thinking she is cheating on him and he wants her to change her phone numbers to prove her loyalty but there is a snag, the numbers in questions have been used for many applications. Read her dilemma as sent in below and share your mature comments only.

I am a subscriber to ur channel. pls I need ur advice on my relationship. I am engaged to my boyfriend now my fiance and we planning for our wedding, but issues keeps coming here and there settle today fight we had a last fight which he was accusing me of lying to him,cos I have my CDS every last friday and it skipped my mind to give him an update dat I wasn’t going for CDS on this very last friday cos CDS has ended a week I will be Going to work we had a conversation nd I told him I will be going to work to get my clearance letter signed,he then got upset I had to leave him and went back to my house just for him to tell me i’m cheating on him and all,it brought a big fight and now he is saying I have to change all my mobile numbers if I want to be in a commitment with him.and I have made it clear to him severally that i’m not an infidel,fine guys call me a lot but that has been a long time situation before we got engaged.and I told him that I used my numbers for so many applications nd registrations.but he is saying I should get all contacts needed from my phone and change my to avoid him having stuffs negative in his head Now it is looking like it is going to quit us.i’m confused cos I dn’t knw if it is right.i dn’t knw wat to do cos i’m so straight with him.pls reply me i need ur help on this.thanks

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8 Responses to Advice Me: My Fiancé Thinks I Am Cheating And Wants Me To Change All My Phone Numbers

  1. Anti says:

    You know it that you are cheating.

    So change to save your relationship or quit if it is not worth it.


  2. Nwama says:

    Una neva marry una don dey fight everyday??

    My take on this…

    This relationship is toxic..He is insecure and domineering while you are not very open…if you meet this demand to change numbers they will be many more demands…

    Just pray for sense.


  3. Lytech says:

    The truth is you are truely cheating on him.

    Changing ur number is not the best…

    Its not too late for you to adjust..

    Change your ways,try and convince him that you are now a changed type.

    Use his pix as ur whatsapp DP often,let your status shows you are engaged to him .

    Let your yes be your YES and your NO be ur NO.

    Always be the one eager to see him,and dont ever stop him from visiting you for any reason.

    Its not easy thou,but try this for this short period to safe ur dying relationship.

    My own advice thou……..


  4. first king says:

    And what do you mean by “fine guys call me alot”, i smell a rat here …what will it even cost you to change your mobile nos huh??…change your mobile lines if you really wanna marry him, you can re-register with all those apps with your new lines…


  5. Amelia says:

    It won’t cost much to change your numbers, if u truly want him in your present and future.
    It’s all about choices.. Which do u prefer to keep ? Your phone number or your fiance.


  6. Peter says:

    A relationship that lacks trust aint worth it…. mend it or break it


  7. Duchess dee says:

    Your Man is a kid!

    How will changing number solve the problem?

    Mehn! All these kidults everywhere making silly rules. I taya o


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