The Earth Is Sick And It’s Your Fault!

The HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) attacks your immune cells. Hepatitis invades your liver. Helicobacter pylori disrupt the epithelial lining of your gastric mucosa (stomach) causing ulcer. All these infectious agents somehow change or disrupt the balance within your body. Ideally we have our immune system and it destroys most of these microbes, or we use drugs.  That’s the human point of view.

 Let’s think like the microorganism, especially the ones whose only host is man i.e. our internal environment is their habitat, our body makes up their ecosystem, their survival depends on their ability to infect us and reproduce within us. So they’re not attacking they’re surviving. Fine, their survival may depend on their ability to alter our internal milieu. So they start making changes within our organs and tissues just so they can be comfortable enough to reproduce. Some even go as far as changing their protein coats (like their skin) as often as possible just to evade our immune system. They eventually overwhelm and outsmart our immune system, and even drugs (like antiretroviral drugs used in managing HIV) by reproducing at a rate far more than the rate they arre being destroyed.  But here’s where they realise “congratulations dude, you played yourself”; when the person dies. The ones who don’t have man as their only host are a bit lucky they don’t die with the human.

My point, what’s the difference between us and these microorganisms? Not much! First we alter nature, just to create our modern world, destroying the oxygen producing greens and contaminating the blues just to replace them with grey giant buildings emitting harmful gases instead of oxygen. In our defense just like the microbes we are only trying to create suitable conditions for future generations. Nature fights us though. Do you know how many of us die on a daily basis as a result of natural disasters yet we don’t seem to have population decline since we reproduce like spores? Some of these natural disasters are like immune cells (neutrophils, macrophages……. ) that are attracted to sites of infection due to the presence of these foreign bodies (microbes). What I’m saying is that some of these natural disasters are as a result of our actions; natural disasters are some sort of control mechanisms to contain human spread and virulence. We are just trying to survive too right?  Won’t we protect ourselves from rain, sunshine and animals?

Since we can move why not travel the entire world and probably extend our travels to outer space? Since we are multiplying so fast we need more space right? So let’s cut down the trees and fill the rivers so we have more land to build on. Let’s create the most dangerous nuclear weapons to use against our enemies so we will rule the world. But then let us not forget the effect of all these on our ecosystem. Let us not forget that this is the only planet we can inhabit and thrive. It might take millions of years or more or less but at this rate we will destroy the earth like microbes destroys the body and I wonder what will be left of us.  Would we have found another host to infect? Or would we perish with the earth? Would the earth eventually rid itself of us? Or will we learn to accept nature the way it is and stop making alterations?

At this point I think it’s time for us to realise that GLOBAL WARMING is a pathology of the earth. Yes!  The earth is sick and it’s your fault.

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