There Is Beautiful Then There Is You

He played with my shiny black hair and then moved down to my earlobe and my rhinestone studded ear cuff, stroked my plum cheeks and held my chin pulling me close to his face, I could see myself in his pupil and I was conscious of every breath he took. He moved closer and I closed my eyes -he was way too close to keep my eyes open; he kissed me like it was my very first kiss and at that moment I didn’t care if we looked like Bisola and Kemen from Big Brother Naija kissing cause it felt like my lips were dancing with butterflies on cloud 10! And he went deeper, I could hardly breathe but his lips. Damn! Those lips. Don’t stop! My mind screamed. I wanted all he had to give and then he laughed. He freaking laughed and spoilt the moment for me.

I got up from my sitting position on his laps and moved to the centre of the room, “Let’s rehearse again,” and I tried to smile like nothing had happened. He replied with a grin, looking at me with those cute perverted eyes with long beautiful lashes and the dimple on his cheek. He walked towards me chest first and I wanted to melt, heart was beating at 250 beats per minute I was gonna die of tachycardia. When he got to me it felt like he had sucked up all the oxygen, I was breathing through my mouth -yup I dropped my jaw. “Are you okay? You tired or something?” His voice though. You should hear him speak, sounding like a Greek god
“I’m fine,” and so we danced. I could’ve died. If only we could dance without him touching me. Holding my waist felt like fire trailing down my spine and he kept smiling. Why was he doing this to me? Why was he smiling? Everything was spinning out of control? I dunno how I could keep up with the routine. I wanted him to touch me so bad, I literally had goosebumps but then his hands felt so warm. Hormones were running through me so fast I could almost cry. All I could think of was biceps, eyes, beard, jawline, chest. I could feel my own chest knot up. Then it was over. Phew!  I survived!

“We’re sweating mehn. Lemme get water. You’re thirsty right?” I could only nod. Heart rate wasn’t exactly back to normal, not with sweating melanin popping chocolatey dark skinned goodness standing in front of me. I was thirsty alright but it wasn’t for water.  He left and I could hear him talk to his mum in the kitchen and then the music started all over again so I couldn’t hear them anymore. Good because his voice was not helping me calm down. I walked to the corner of the room and picked up a faced down frame. It was a picture of his family, must have been from five years back. He was looking all nerdy with his glasses still cute as a pony though. 16 year old me would have definitely tripped for 18years old him cos dude was foiiine!
“Hey! Gimme that, here’s your water,” I smiled and collected the bottle of water.

“So I know you used to wear glasses, and you were cute,”

“Really? Thanks….”

“So where did you hide your glasses now? Huh?”

“Uhm I’ll show you. Gimme your hands though.”

“Lol. Why”

“Just bring your hands.”

Hands stretched out and he held them together at the wrists with one hand raised them above my head and backed me up against the wall. And I became paralysed. Looking me in the eye like he was about to devour me and breathing in my face, music still playing and piercing through my mind but they don’t really understand the masterpiece I’ve found I was helplessly breathing in his carbondioxide and my face lost all expression. Hot tears welled up in my eyes, I was breathing way too fast and I felt paralyzed. Breathing deep and hard wasn’t helping at all as my breasts moved on his chest. I totally felt helpless and I liked it. All I could do was remain calm and listen there’s no words to describe, let me look in your eyes and say. There’s beautiful and then there’s you So he took me back to cloud 10 and all I could hear was Charlie Puth singing YOU.

His other hand moved up my back and I arched my back pressing my breasts on his chest, nipples feeling tingly and sensitive in my bra. The kiss did not stop. The first tear drop rolled down my face. He pulled my waist to himself till I could feel the bulge in his trouser. He pulled one leg up around himself and trailed hot heat on the skin of my thick Namibian thigh. Something in me clicked when he grabbed my butt cheek under my skirt. Sirens and fire alarms went of in my head. I forced my hands out of his grasp and pushed him away from myself. I stood there looking at him, my cheeks wet from hot tears. My eyes probably looked like burning flames because he stepped back and didn’t touch me.

 “Virgin?” was all he could say. I shook my head “no”

“Oh uhm. Ok. So what then?”

“Dont touch me! ”  I was angry. It wasn’t his fault but yet I was angry. “Ever!”
He wasn’t scared any more, he took my hand and looked at me, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were like that. I promise I won’t touch you unless I’m sure I’m gonna marry you. I’m really sorry”
And the rage in me died down immediately. I was calm and then I felt weak again. I fell in love with him that day……………….. he dumped me two months later. Apparently he had a side chick and she wasn’t allergic to sex. I didn’t dance for six months. I’d associated dancing with him. I let him take my gift with him in the break up. It took a while to get back to normal and I did. This is what I get for waiting till I’m married, but I’ll wait anyway.

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3 Responses to There Is Beautiful Then There Is You

  1. onowori victor says:

    You’ve a new subscriber Fisolami… ILove the write up…


  2. Kamisi says:

    I’m… literally… speechless


  3. dat_slim says:

    thumbs up bae…………… quite captivating


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