Bola’s Tales: The Meet – QUEEN IZUWA

It’s my best friend Sade’s birthday and we decided to have a girl’s night out to celebrate the occasion. So there we were sitting at a round table at the center of Vapours Night Club, open to the glaring eyes of passersby. This night is all about fun! fun!! fun!!! Something I hadn’t done in a while, my life had been so occupied with work that I forgot what it felt like to just have a chilled day with friends and go wild. My phone beeped, as I was about to reach for it Sade gave me a down stare.

“Not tonight Bola, I’m not going to have to remind you all night that it’s my birthday and no work is allowed”

“I know now but I just want to find out who has been hitting my phone up,” I replied

“Abeg put that thing on silent or better still turn it off.” Clearly she was determined to make sure I didn’t do anything work related today.

“Turn off ke, what if there is an emergency?”

“On a Friday night Bola? Even your boss should be banging his wife by now and they just need someone who has nothing better to do to handle work issues. Do me a favour and turn off your phone.”

“ Okay oh,” I put the phone on silent since that’s all I can do, “happy now?”

“Yes boo…Now let’s parrrrrry,” she says and laughs hysterically.

A loud siren sound followed by bartenders holding bottles of drinks that had lights popping on it came flooding to the table just behind us. My typical guess would be one of those yahoo boys at their usual shenanigans again, turned expecting to see boys with tattoos, dreads, designer wear, gold blinks, and sagged trousers as were most of their lots all in my very judgmental state of mind. To my surprise, it was men probably in their 30s, well dressed (my idea of well dressed is a t-shirt/ Collar shirt with a nice jean and shoe). Yes I’m that old school. My second guess was why responsible guys like these would be ordering so many drinks. I had no idea I was still staring until one of the guys waved at me with the most amazing smile, I suddenly got all hot inside under the cool AC oh, bent my head in a shy attempt to avoid making eye contact.

Trust my busy body friend to butt in, she smiled back at him and he made a hand gesture for us to come over and the next thing I knew, my beloved friend was whisking me over to their table. He immediately made space for us, and introduced us to his friends, within minutes the table was filled with Sade’s loud laughter and it was starting to get infectious as everyone else started laughing to some joke she made.

As for me, I was lost to the happenings around me, all I cared about was Emeka, the handsome hunk showing me all the attention I hadn’t gotten in years. Usually, I don’t get on with guys at the first instance but it felt so easy with Emeka. We danced with me rocking and twisting my waist against him until I could feel a boner. I was drinking more than I usually do. I noticed the alcohol was kicking in because it started feeling like the whole environment was spinning and the very loud music did nothing to assuage the nauseous feeling.

I leaned unto Emeka and said, “It’s starting to feel like the club is rotating like the world.”

I let out a drunken laughter. Sade knew then that her friend had gone beyond her gauge. She came closer to where we were sitting and whispered into my ears if I’d like us to leave.

“That’s usually my line honey,” I replied with a smile.

“Come on girl! At least stop drinking, you shouldn’t be taking any more of that,” she cautioned but I told her I was fine and was in good hands so she can take a chill pill.

Sade slowly walked back to her seat, and would glance towards me every now and then, I was in the clouds but there was no mistaking the disapproving look she was giving me, I knew left to her she would have dragged me by my hair out this place. Guess she was just holding back because I hadn’t done anything embarrassing yet.

Emeka asked if I’d like to go with him to his car so we could sit quietly and talk, I wasn’t naïve to that particular line, it’s the oldest trick in the book and I knew quite well that I had aroused him with my very seductive dance and he probably wanted to get down, But right now I wasn’t thinking of consequences, haven’t been laid in over a year, I needed to just enjoy the company of a man.

I nodded in agreement but I told him we had to sneak so Sade doesn’t see us leave together or I’d go home for sure. He laughed and asked is she was my mummy, I just shrugged in response, I made some excuse to Sade about having to use the bathroom, she asked if she should go with me, I shook my head disapproval, and met up with an already waiting Emeka outside.

He led the way to his car and the minute we got inside his tender lips covered mine in a passion filled kiss, one hand held my neck, gently caressing while the other went to my waist, pulling me close and causing my full breast to crush against his hard and firm chest, I could feel my nipples getting all tingly and itchy for his touch. The kiss went on for a while before he started to unzip my gown. The minute the gown was out of the way, I had no bra on so I was just in my panties. The cool air condition in the car made my nipples more erect and open to his eyes and touch. He slowly held my two breast in his hand, kissing, kneading and caressing. One hand started rubbing against my clits, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. He started to take off his clothes and within seconds we were both naked. He bent me over and penetrated me so gently from behind, he gasped.

“Honey you’re so tight.”

I moaned in response, next time I’d tell him how I haven’t had sex in more than a year and how this is the craziest thing I’ve done in my entire life but right now I needed him to make crazy and amazing love to me. I started making slow and round movements with my waist and his thrust got deeper and faster, turning my moans into more of a passionate scream. We went on, until he let out a loud cry and ejaculated deep inside me. We were both panting as he drew me close to his chest and kissed me.

He asked if I wanted to go back into the lounge, I knew that was the last thing I wanted to do, God only knows how long we’ve been here and I bet everyone knew we have been up to something, couldn’t bear to do the walk of shame, I just wanted to go home, take a bath and have a good night sleep. I told him to please help me get my friend so we could leave. He got dressed and later returned with a rather worried Sade.

“Madam, you had me worried. How would you leave like that without even telling me where you were going to? And you didn’t even take your phone with you “

“Sorry dear, I just needed some time with Emeka.”

“Oh really !! Some guy you just met, you’re really acting weird today, I said have fun not act stupid” She further scolded.

“Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy, please can we go home now?”

“When you’ve had fun and belleful now you want to go home, shey you know it’s my birthday ehn Man chaser?”

We both laugh.

Emeka was standing by a corner looking dashing and handsome, I walked towards him to say goodnight, it was almost 2am now, He pulled me close and kissed me.

“I dropped something in your bag.”

“What could that be?’’ I asked rubbing my waist against his groin

He chuckled at my teasing with that charming smile that held me spell bound from the start.

“Oh well, I guess you would have to get home to find out.”

“Alright then…Goodnight handsome”

I went to meet an already smiling Sade who kept teasing me till we got to the house.


To be continued…


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