The Hero Who Never Was

Model: @thatboyakinwale Photo Credit: @rock_photoz

Man is born free yet he lives all his life settling for the comfort of the dungeons. Only if I had realized early that the only prisons we live in are the ones we put each other in, maybe then I would have refused to let you lock me.
Childhood is but a memory galloping into the distant horizon, a flicker of the glory of times past when I lived free. Once upon a free earth I roamed until fate brought us into contact. Green-eyed and full of naïve confidence, I thought I understood the ways of the world. I was a king who ruled with wit but your intelligence amazed me and fooled me to let myself be drawn in.

The strategy was to give the rules of the game and come out victorious but for every step I took, you covered with a giant stride. Slowly but surely I began to lose my confidence and begin to look up to you as the hero come to save me from myself. Alas unto woe I surrendered myself, unbeknownst to me that this foolhardiness would become my undoing.

You came with the knowledge of the white man and told me what I read in the books were all lies. You encouraged my illusions of grandeur but you took away my innocence with your knowledge gotten from across the sea. A young boy desperately in need of guidance, I chose to tread the path you followed rather than continue to trail mine. Had I known I would have continued to be a master at my own game without trading my royalty for the slavery of your prison.

It’s been five years since I let myself be smitten by your fool’s gold and many scars adorn my body to tell of these shared experiences. When I lay in the hard cold ground, bound by the chains you have woven around my neck, I wish for the days when I reigned supreme. I failed to draw my strength from the man in the mirror because looking back now I know you were no hero.

You are my hero that never was, you are a simpleton who filled me with lofty dreams you failed to achieve yourself. Should I walk this earth again, maybe I can be my own man and not live in the shadow of another.

Though I sign of now to find the road not taken, I shall forever be haunted by the defeat in your eyes. I am rising from the ashes of regrets to find a foothold on the edge of glory where I know I would be safe from my hero who never was.


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About Akinwale Poshkid

Lover of fiction and in a constant crave for junk food. I write to express and not to impress. Twitter and IG: @thatboyakinwale
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One Response to The Hero Who Never Was

  1. Winnie says:

    This is a very lovely and educative poem…I love it


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