Advice Me: I Was Raped Twice, Addicted To Sex And Dating Five Guys

Today’s issue on Tell Tale Thursday is quite a very sensitive one and as such we crave your maturity on this one. It involves a young girl who got raped at an early age not once but twice and became addicted. She is currently dating five guys at once and needs your advice on how she can stop the dual lifestyle. Read her issue as sent in below and drop your mature comments only.

Hi, am Lara.

Please i need your advice, when i was 10yrs i was rape by my brother friend and i ws also rape when i was in secondary school by cultists and i was threaten not to tell anybody abt what happen and if I do they will kill me and ever since i hv no respect for guys and i believe i can do anything i want with them, i became addicted to sex, I sleep with different boys and do all sort of things just to get satisfaction. When i was in SS3 in my senior class in secondary school i started dating John who promise me heaven and earth but end up betraying me by cheating on me so decided to start double dating and it continue and turn into an altitude for me and i can’t count how many guy I have dated that sleep with me but now i have 5 boyfriend and i dont know who to chose because i want to stop double dating but is difficult to chose because i love the 5 of them. Please can you help me out

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11 Responses to Advice Me: I Was Raped Twice, Addicted To Sex And Dating Five Guys

  1. Ding says:

    Raped by ur boyfriend at age ten.. Infact av lost interest in reading d rest of d story.. Mchew


  2. Bukola says:

    Drop all the five boys first if u don’t knw what to do,but I can assure if u love anyone and I mean truly love, ur hrt will long for one,u mostly love,.
    And if u feel d same for all(after dropping them) um I suggest u Start anew, and tell ur self often ‘I will only date one guy’/don’t rush, take all ur time in d world to agree to any relationship.. And above all b prayerful.


  3. MR. POSSIBLE says:

    You can’t love them all. There has to be someone you love more. Perhaps you love the sex they give and not them. I think you should break up with them all and have a fresh start. Give yourself time. You may be surprised they don’t even love you. Perhaps they are taking advantage of what they may have reasonably surmised to be a goldmine.

    Take your time and stay without a relationship for a long while. It may help. I’m sorry about the rape part.


  4. Thoughts says:

    Chai! People got no chills oo, can’t you guys give advice without scolding?!

    Well, as for the gal seeking advice, you are d one in d relationship, you shuld knw wu yu love most, that is not s decision we can make for you.

    And most importantly, be sure ready to face the retibutions of your Choice. Shalom!!


  5. One Micaiah says:

    It’s a simple thing to start, but it’s also a hard thing to maintain giving the present situation. All I can give right now is you drop all relationships for now and focus on being a better person of yourself. Find yourself and you will be very happy you did. I know it’s going to be a hard thing to continue doing as it is not going to be easy to drop an addictive lifestyle, but with self determination and focus, you can do all things. Don’t forget to ask God to help you too, it goes a very long way. I hope I haven’t said too much. God bless you.


  6. Paul Rick says:

    drop all … start afresh … it is possibu dat all of dem see u as a LovePeddler


  7. Sweetie says:

    I feel for you girl.Now you know your problem,its halfway solved.Please drop 4 of your boyfriends and date one.You won’t get STDs and other diseases.You will concentrate more also.Get a pastor or spiritual builder around you.They will help put your daily activities in check so you don’t deviate.Take care girl


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