Bola’s Tales: Exposed – QUEEN IZUWA

Excerpt from last episode:

“I dropped something in your bag.”

“What could that be?’’ I asked rubbing my waist against his groin

He chuckled at my teasing with that charming smile that held me spell bound from the start.

“Oh well, I guess you would have to get home to find out.”

“Alright then…Goodnight handsome”

I went to meet an already smiling Sade who kept teasing me till we got to the house.

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“And you may now kiss your bride,” said the smiling reverend father.

Just as I was stretching out to feel the warm embrace of my groom, my mouth slowly parting to welcome his very warm lips, I felt a sharp tap on my shoulder,

“Bola!!! Bola!!! Wake up now, it’s almost 2:00pm. You haven’t moved since we got back from the club. Kilode gan? What kind of sleep is this one?” she said.

I stretched, trying to jolt back to reality. Thinking to myself why Sade didn’t allow me conclude the marriage rites with Emeka in the dream first before coming to disturb my sleep. That was some good dream right there. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and my head also ached so badly. I held my stomach, letting out a small cry of pain and rolled to rest on my right hand side, now facing the worried looking Sade. She continued to stare at me.

“I’m having a terrible headache, please go away,”  I said almost getting frustrated with her persistency.

“If your head aches, come and take something for it, lying down all day won’t stop it.” I knew Sade would not let me rest until I get up, so I just try to sit up at least.

“Please get me a glass of water.”

She returned seconds later with a glass of water, sets it on the table and heads to the kitchen. The sound of pans and pots hitting together told me she was trying to fix us something to eat.  I smiled to myself just wondering what I would have done without her. I pull the pillows up so I can properly rest my back while sitting up. The events of last night came flooding to my head. The thoughts of how naughty I was reminded me of the university days when I and Sade would party and go wild. We would drink and dance all night, whining our waist and twerking until we could feel a boner, then we would grab a taxi and go straight to our hostel to sleep it off. I never had sex with someone I wasn’t in a relationship with; this new experience was all sorts of fascinating and exciting. I didn’t know if I was supposed to call him or if he would call or the whole thing started and ended last night. The sex was so great that I would really love to see him again, go on a date and try to get to know each other. Oh dang! I don’t even have his number. Suddenly remembered he had mentioned dropping something in my bag, I rushed frantically to get my handbag, hoping he had been thoughtful enough to drop his card. On opening the bag I saw stacks of cash.

“What is the meaning of this?”

My Scream brought Sade running into the room from the kitchen. She looked from my bewildered face to the stacks of cash on my hand.

“Babe what’s up? Why are you screaming? “

“Why the hell would this guy drop money in my bag?” I asked still trying to gather my wits together to understand what exactly was going on.

Sade collected the money and counted it (N50,000 naira). Sade quietly drops the money on the side stool and sits close to her friend.

“Did you have sex with that guy last night?”

Tears slowly drop down my cheeks. I felt cheap, stupid, used and insulted. He thought I was a prostitute? Me? I mean I have had my fair share of men and sex but it was always within the confines of a relationship. I never involved myself in any of those aristo paroles or one night stands in school, with the hope of extorting money, my parents provided for me and I was contented with what I got. This was a big slap on the face for allowing emotions and my alcoholic state of mind clouded my sense of judgement. The tears flowed freely down my cheeks, meeting at the top of my full lips, dropping into my mouth.

Sade knew when not to scold, she just drew me close to her full bosom and allowed me cry, not saying a word. I can’t count how many times she had been there for me through heartbreaks. She was the strong one, she knew how to compartmentalize and give a rational understanding to an issue, can imagine a different reaction from her on this same issue while I was the cry baby, madam emotional. My last relationship was a total mess and as usual I had Sade’s shoulder to cry on and then we decided no more boys until I was extremely sure I was emotionally sound to handle one, being that I had become a serial dater, going from one heart break to another. A pact I kept for over fourteen months and threw to the wind in one night.

She finally spoke up, “Was it consensual? I mean did you know what you were getting into before you did what you did or he coerced you?”

The lawyer in her coming to play (I so love this girl).

I nodded in affirmation, “Yes I did.”

“Well it’s clearly a case of misconception and I guess you were already planning a wedding abi?”

She knew me so well. I laughed, wiped the tears from my face and started gisting her of my dream and how great the sex was that put my brain on reset.  We just kept talking and laughing until I was my usual bubbling again. I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend and roommate.


Monday morning was here again, I had gotten over my weekend ordeal taking it as one of those things that happen in life. We had even treated ourselves to Coldstone ice cream and pizza with our ill gotten money. I had made sure I spent all of it that day buying unnecessary things. Sade was having fun with the whole issue and it made me detach so much importance to being used as a one night stand which made it a little less.

Martha the office gossip came dancing into my office. Her usual nature of poking her nose into other people’s business and spreading gossip starting with the line, “Do you know the matter on ground,” gave her the nickname “MARTHA THE MATTER”. She only comes into my office when she has gist and I was just curious on what this woman has to say this early Monday morning.

“Fine girl, how was your weekend?” She asked bearing her entire teeth literally as she sat down.

“I’m good, how was yours?”

“Fine oooohhhhh,” she said quite dramatically, raising her hands and slapping it on her thighs. The classic amebo pose.

“Oya what happened, I know you have something to say, just spill it already”

She just erupted like a volcano, making funny hand gestures in her bid to explain better, “ Madam supervisor got married on Saturday, I had heard about it but I just ignored the whole thing because she’s a troll looking hideous woman, so who could she be getting married to, right? Omo the gist I got this morning from people that attended was that her husband is a total hunk, that he’s more attractive than Bryan Okwara, Chris Attoh and Ebuka of Big Brother put together. Trust me now I didn’t believe till I saw pictures.”

She stood up to show me the pictures on her phone, “Just see oh, see that woman hit a jackpot and we beautiful young ladies are still single while madam troll married a gem.”

By ‘we’ I assume she was referring to me and her. I knew the lady in question (Sandra), we weren’t on the best of speaking terms but we were cordial and she’s not the best looking lady you could find but she beat Martha any day anytime. She has also put Martha in her place for getting into her business a couple of times so at least I understood where her anger was coming from. I tried to hold off my amusement and just look at the pictures Martha was insistent on showing me.

My heartbeat tripled. It was Emeka. Of all the men in Nigeria it had to be Emeka that got married on Saturday. That explained the ordering of too many drinks at the club and me the one night stand to crown it all, He was having his bachelor’s eve. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, I sniffed just then and Martha turned full on to face me.

“Abeg, why are you crying? Do you know him?”

I knew better than to let my guard down around madam busy bee, ”They are just so beautiful together,” I said in response.

She hissed, took her phone and walked out, going into the next office to spread her gossip. She clearly wanted a bitter response from me so she could also spread what I had said. Right now that was the least of my worries.


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