Eyes Of Edosa


Hey you there!

What the heck is your profit?

How did you become so vain?

Everything you touch is stained

You knew we’d solve it

But you insisted and took turns

How old is your manhood?

That longs for unclean tablets

Share well oh, e remain? Share wella

Homeless but not Hopeless, eat am

Chibok! I fear, Oil! I drink, Money! I worship

Nigerians! I deceive, Youths! There’re stupid

Look! You all that campaign on lorries and

Share rice again oh, I am hungry!

Share water, one-eyed-Sunday is dying

Electricity you say? I never see am for ten years!

All you that shout across the sea with

Nairas tucked in flared shirts and head ties

Look at our faces, we are watching, dancing

Starving and suffering

For like a robber at night, we shall come.

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About Olajire

Sports Enthusiast And Voracious Reader.
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