Bola’s Tales Part 3 – QUEEN IZUWA

Excerpt from part 2:

I knew better than to let my guard down around madam busy bee, ”They are just so beautiful together,” I said in response.

She hissed, took her phone and walked out, going into the next office to spread her gossip. She clearly wanted a bitter response from me so she could also spread what I had said. Right now that was the least of my worries.

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After my shocking discovery of Emeka being married to Sandra, I tried to stay away but somehow I found myself playing the role of detective. Out of my curiosity, I discovered few things about her. Like how she likes taking coffee in the morning, the fact that she kept to herself most of the time and had very few friends and even the ones that felt they were close didn’t really know much about her private life. She had a beautiful singing voice and she is a God lover, I deduced that because I had walked past her office few times and caught her reading a bible. She is also a natural beauty, does everything in moderation. I even started paying her compliments and her shocked expression the first time I did was priceless. I knew I came off as a workaholic that didn’t care to know about what went down in the office beyond work, madam protocol officer of HAMILTON LLYOD AND ASSOCIATES LTD, always playing the role of the busy bee. My most amazing discovery was the fact that Emeka made it a habit to always drop her off in the morning and pick her up at night, at 7pm. Not a minute late. I loved the show of love and care, but I bet the routine life must be boring. I also wondered if he had been doing this while they were dating and why I didn’t notice it any sooner, shrugged that thought off. The Emeka that fucked my brains out at the back seat of his car didn’t strike me as a routine kinda guy. But then what do I know, he married a routine lady and me madam spontaneous that threw my legs in the air begging him to put it deep inside is single.

I always went home late but today I promised Sade I would come back in time so we could catch the LOGAN movie at 8.15pm, that means driving all the way from Chevron back to the house at the tail end of phase 1 to pick her and then to The Palms Cinema. I just wondered what the traffic would look like considering it is close of business time and everyone would be in a hurry to get home, it was already 6.55pm. In my frantic state of mind, while I was rushing into the parking lot I hit my foot hard on some metal that lay carelessly on the ground and fell down flat on my face. The content of my bag spilled and the right heel of my beautiful Gucci shoe broke into two. I screamed and unconsciously started cursing out, sat up on the ground holding my bleeding toe. The pain was so much that the tears poured freely from my eyes, I couldn’t even bring myself to get up. Then came a male voice behind me.

“Sorry lady, I heard you scream but I wasn’t sure where the sound came from, what happened?”

I knew that voice even from my sleep, that strong, rich and soothingly masculine voice that replayed in my head all day and night long. Through the weeks that followed my discovery, I had tried to avoid seeing Emeka and totally stay in my lane, knew it was inevitable but my heart was still too fragile to see him now. I couldn’t bring myself to face him. I Just sat there with my back to him, then sniffed and wiped my eyes with the back of my palm, said I was fine without turning to face him and hurriedly stood up, meanwhile foolishly forgetting that I still had the other pair on and was barefoot on the right leg, I fell to the right hand side and was about to hit the ground again when he promptly caught me.

He held me, staring like he just saw a ghost. Oh Lord the scent of him and that warmth I could remember feeling in his embrace. Men like this should be quarantined by the government for their effect on ladies is a disease in itself. Because I could bet I wasn’t the only lady he had this kind of effect on. This guy must have broken a lot of hearts and still is. Finally I broke the silence.

“Hi Emeka, I think I can stand on my own now. Thanks for catching me in time.”

He let me go then and without waiting for him to give any response, with my shoes in my hand, I started walking barefoot to my car. He doubled up his steps, pulled me to his hard chest and started kissing me. It was warm and sensual at first and I could not help but be responsive to my inner yearnings, but when his tongue dived slowly into my mouth and his hands started squeezing my butt, I knew if we continued at this pace we would end up having a repeat session of the club incidence right here in the parking lot with a man I knew was married to a colleague of mine. Anyone could walk in on us at this very moment. I shivered at the thought of being publicly embarrassed.

Okay!! In my head I’m thinking, to slap or not to slap, to scream for my freedom, Nah! Push him away before it gets too far. I went with the last option leaving him staring dumbly at me. I knew it was going to be awkward when we finally saw again, since he was his wife’s personal uber driver but I never imagined it was going to be this intense. He was already getting a hard on, the bulge was there glaring at me. Ahnahn this is someone’s husband oh, didn’t madam prim and proper fuck him hard enough or I’m just too sexy. I laughed at the thought just then.

He looked confused at why I was laughing

“You must think I’m a joke right?”

“That thought never crossed my mind. I was particularly thinking of something else”

“What are you doing here Bola?”

“OH!! You remember my name. Well, I work here, You?” I said the YOU in funny way and I could tell he caught the sarcasm in my voice.

“Well, my wife works here, Came to pick her up”

Hearing him say my wife out loud just tore my heart in a million places. Few minutes ago he was busy kissing and grabbing me with reckless abandon knowing he came to pick up his wife. Typical male specie to be entirely selfish, what if THE WIFE had walked in on us.

“Well Mr. Married Man, I was on my way out before this whole incidence. I can’t say nice meeting you, because there was nothing pleasant about this meeting”. I lied.

“Please can I have your number? Haven’t stopped thinking about you since the last night at the club.”

“Then you could have dropped your number along with the unwanted cash I didn’t ask you for in the first place if you wanted to keep in touch. Oh sorry, you thought I was a prostitute right?

“Please babe this is not the right place or time for this conversation. We could talk over dinner and clear things out.”

“No way I’m having dinner with you.”

“Okay, lunch then please. I beg of you.”

“Alright, alright,” I handed over my card to him.

“Your leg is still bleeding, should I help you to your car?”

“No thank you, I’d manage. I have to get going now” I zoomed passed him straight faced without a word or wave.

On getting home, all I had to do was show Sade my bleeding toe and broken Gucci heels and the movie was off, with her motherly and ever so nurturing nature coming to play. She cleaned up the wound and served me dinner in bed. I felt so pampered and spoiled.

The thing is I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I ran into Emeka today and what transpired because I could just imagine what her reaction would be and how she would tell me I should not have encouraged such an attitude in the first place, also seeing him to talk things over was so off the table. I so wanted to see him again, I got wet off the thoughts of him. Even if it was just for a night, I wanted another episode of I got that night outside Vapours night club. I wanted the whole of him deep inside me. Loving and stroking every corner till I burst out loud, screaming and begging. And if getting that meant keeping Sade in the dark then so be it.

My iphone 6 plus blinked a white light indicating I had a message, opened it and it was Emeka. He had added me on whatsApp and sent a “Hi baby” with a smiley and love emoji. The way my heart started beating fast and I rushed to save his picture, I knew I was in trouble. Jesu Christi!!! This guy has me hooked on him.


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