Pillow Talk

It was a sleepover, it started like any other normal one we’d had in the past. I was the only single person there so when they started loving up, I had to turn my music up.  Music goes everywhere with me like everywhere i.e. bathroom, kitchen, lectures, church. I usually have just one earpiece plugged in church and during lectures but I usually turn the volume down a bit so it feels like background noise; whatever the case maybe my music never actually stops.

You can imagine how I felt being the only single person in the crew. There are seven of us, four ladies and three guys, so three couples and one single girl. Anyway they started getting all loved up and stuff so I had to turn up my music till I couldn’t hear them whispering sweet nonsense to each other and laughing. The loud music was to take me out of that place and the sad feeling that building up in my head, so I was basically in my own musical earth or in another cosmos made up of music. Then I went out for a stroll, I really love strolling, it’s like my happy time; walking the streets of Lagos at night, loud music playing so I can’t hear all the night noise. You know; car horns blaring, traders ringing their bells, music from bars, Hausa men selling suya conversing loudly in their dialect, bus conductors screaming out their destinations, sound from roadside TV sets from people selling pirated movies, that’s a whole lot of noise so that’s where my loud music helps me.

Picture the typical Lagos night life, it’s very beautiful especially when you’re listening to Nigerian songs like – Gidi Love or Mad Over You or Daddy Yo – it usually feels like I’m in a movie but the actors don’t notice me. And the night breeze GOSH!!! The night breeze is everything. It’s a very beautiful experience for me anyway, and it’s what I do when I need a break. So while I was on this particular night stroll, I saw Annie walking down the road with a bouquet of red flowers – no they were not roses they were hibiscus, I’ve not seen hibiscus flowers since I was a kid, grandpa used to grow them till he decided to cut down all the flowering trees – she gave the bouquet to me and I threw it up in the air and jumped up as high as I could. I met the flowers mid-air, they were like a thousand flowers raining down on me with Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk playing and all the beautiful street lights; that moment felt like forever. I still couldn’t hear anything but my music and then it was raining yellow flowers too, I think the butterflies in my stomach migrated to my brain and I exploded into a hundred butterflies IT WAS ORGASMIC.

When the whole flower experience ended I went back to the apartment but no one was there, they probably went out too so I lay down and fell asleep with my earpiece still plugged in and music playing. MORNING!!!! I woke up and pillow talk was still playing in my ear, I pulled out the earpiece and I could still hear Zayn. I said ‘good morning’’ and I couldn’t hear my own damn voice. It was like there was water in my ears or a bubble because I couldn’t hear a thing, except pillow talk of course. I reached for my phone and stopped the music but it didn’t stop playing in my ear. At this point they were all trying to talk to me but I couldn’t hear them, then Nike screamed. I heard that but it sounded so distant, I reached for my phone and I put it on silent then turned it off hoping it would stop the music from playing in my head but it didn’t. I looked at them and the pointed at my ear then waved my index finger trying to communicate the fact that I couldn’t hear. I guess they got my point because they started doing weird things like Josh checked inside of ear to see if something was physically obstructing it, Annie started hitting a spoon on pots, they tried everything but I still couldn’t hear a thing. I was DEAF!!!! I asked them to take me outside to a place not too far from the apartment with white flowers……….

It was a dream. Funny thing is when I woke up, Pillow Talk just played to the end and a new song started. I pulled out my earpiece and the first thing I heard was water rushing downstairs, then I heard birds chirping and my fan whirling. I’ve never been more grateful for my sense of hearing like I was this morning, every sound I heard was like music to my ears and I appreciated that.


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One Response to Pillow Talk

  1. ioguntoye says:

    Lol…great piece…lol @ woke the fuck up…keep it up.


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