James: The Proposal – ADEKANBI ADEMOLA M

It was the evening of Christmas Eve, the sun has crawled to its abode leaving the stage for the moon and stars to light the path of the creatures and creations. PHCN as usual had seized the light but the atmosphere was still blooming. There’s this fragrance that comes with Christmas. It gets all exciting and in a joyful mood as everyone prepares for Christmas. The children eagerly awaiting the dawn of the new day to wear and exhibit their new clothes to their friends and even enemies, mothers busy shuffling between the market and kitchen trying to get things set and the young ladies and guys involved in different activities in preparation for the street carnival.
In spite of all the merriment in the air, James, wearing a nice multi-colour first grade, Hackett polo on a blue jean had relegated to one corner of his room weeping like a new born baby and in deep thought. He wished rapture could just take place now and all that happened could be erased and forgotten or he could just reverse all that had happened earlier in the day. With hot salty tears forming long crooked lines on his face, his heart doing ziggy zagga, hands shaking, he couldn’t stand still, he slowly brought out a piece of fabric from his wardrobe to wipe his tears.
James is a young, brilliant and handsome guy working with one of the leading logistics company on the Island in Lagos State. He’s a certified Accountant, Risk Manager and a professional event planner. He’s currently undergoing his doctorate programme at the University of Lagos.

…2 hours ago
It’s obviously a season of merriment, when friends wine and dine to shake off the stress gathered over the months. James had called Debby to meet him at the popular bar close to his house for routine hangout. There’s this hidden agenda he had in mind which he had planned with his kins and goons unknown to her.

The bar is one of the coolest bars with almost all accessories expected of a standard bar located at the heart of an estate on the Island. Smiling, beautiful waitresses, hefty bouncers and amazing jazz band were on set. The saxophonist playing a popular Lionel Richie song, you could imagine an atmosphere full of romance on a cool evening. Quite heavenly right? The photographers were on standby, friends and family anxiously waiting for the scene. The bar man already arranging the drinks on a tray ready to serve.

Grin! Grin!! Grin!!! Debby phone rings. ‘I’m sorry, Debby, I cannot make it again tonight, I need to catch with some things,” said James at the other end of the phone. Debby felt disappointed and unhappy but the melody of the saxophone glued her bums down to the chair and she decided to listen to more of it before leaving for home. Some minutes later, James walked majestically towards Debby and tapped her at the back. Who could this be? Debby thought! Looking back, it was James!

”Oh! James dear, you made it!” She exclaimed as she gave him a big hug. Wasting no time, James signaled to the photographers to grab their cameras and to the band to soften the sound of their music and he went down on his knees, brought out a diamond ring and said “I have been nurturing my love for you for a while. I think there’s this chemistry that works between us. I am not just emotionally attached to you but I see us building a wonderful and amiable future together. I love you Debby. Would you marry me?”

Debby was shocked. She never expected this from James! They stared at each other for minutes, the unspoken words passing between them.

“Oh! Baby, please don’t this, could you please stand up. I love you as a friend and I don’t see us building a future together. It’s a NO!” Debby said as she assisted him to his feet.
A sad smile plastered his face. It was like he was in a haze. His head was jammed, his thinking was clouded, and his eyes were blurry and misty. At that moment, he stopped being a man and broke into tears. He couldn’t imagine this happening in front of those he had invited to witness the proposal. He thought about all the good night messages? How about all the care and affection she had showed. How about all the hugs and pecks? He tried to recall the sweet words he heard from her every night, words like ‘Goodnight, love’, ‘Hope you’d dream about me?’, ‘Do take care of yourself for me’. How about the peck she gave him the very first day they met? He tried to recall how they met. It was at the regional conference of the Association of Logistics Companies. Debby was sent to represent her boss while James represented his company as the head of the
marketing department. The wonderful smile Debby wore as she approached the event coordinator for her souvenir got his attention.

‘Wow! What a beautiful lady with a very nice smile?’ he murmured in his heart. He
wasted no time, he approached her, got her contact and they became good friends. They had attended different occasions together, wearing same clothes, eating from the same plate and doing other cool things together.

”Are all these not enough for her to say YES!” He thought as he wiped his tears.
*Moral Lessons: The moral lessons are inexhaustible read over and over again and begin to identify them.
About the author: www.youngprotegelead.org/adekanbi-michael.html


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