The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 1 – DA JANDY

It was a cold night in the small town of Amunututu. The fowlers had gone in to roost. The goats were settled in, chewing their cords. Ade went to the backyard to shut the door to the cages of the domestic animals. Thereafter, he came back into the closet to join in the dinner. Ade was the senior son and he had seven siblings bringing the total number of children in the house to eight (four boys and four girls).

Mr. Abel was the father of the home. He was uneducated but hardworking. He had a cocoa plantation which yielded great income. Due to the fact that he and his wife lacked formal education, he made it a point of duty to provide quality education for his children; at least to secondary school level, male and female inclusive. Mrs. Abel was also hard working. She cultivated pepper on the same farm land and sold it in and out of their locale. The children seldom worked on the farm due to their dad’s hired labour. On days when they came to the big farm, they most times played and ate cocoa till they got tired.

Ade came back and they all ate dinner. The next day was Tuesday and everyone went about their activities in Amunututu. It went on and on like that daily. After some years, all the children had gone far into attaining their secondary education. It must not escape mention at this juncture, that university education was a rare fit and only the extremely buoyant families could afford it for their children.

Ade had just rounded off his studies at secondary school level. The options left for Ade at this point of his life, was either to become a typist or a mini secretary at a company in the town not too far from Amunututu his homeland, or remain there in his hometown and delve fully into his father’s already thriving business of cocoa farming.  He was caught in the web of confusion as to what step to take next. His parents believed that as the senior son, he should be concerned about handling the family’s cocoa business rather than nurturing the plans to go and sojourn in the big city.
The days rolled by. Weeks past, Ade’s siblings had gone about picking various careers like tailoring, some even joining the family’s business and expanding it beyond measures. Mr. Abel was pleased with his children but he was particularly worried about Ade who didn’t show much interest in the family’s line of business neither in any other line of business.  Ade’s friends, some of whom had very wealthy parents had gone to the city to work in companies while others had gone to pursue higher education in the big city. The boy wasn’t getting any younger as some years had rolled by since he concluded his secondary schooling with good grades. On a particular evening, Ade having decided to go to the city and he sought the audience of his parents. He told them about his decision to go to the big city to find a life. Mr. Abel wasn’t too pleased to hear this; his first son wanted to leave the family and wander into the big city, on the other hand he was also pleased that Ade had finally chosen a path to follow in life rather than spend time in Amunututu doing nothing profitable. Mr. and Mrs. Abel blessed their son and the following morning, Ade was set to leave for the big City hoping to find a pathway. The family bade him farewell and he headed for the bus park.

The journey was smooth and within an hour he had gotten to the big city. His plan was to stay with his bosom friend who worked in the city. The name of his friend was Steve. Steve worked as a secretary in one of the big companies in town. He lived in a three bed room apartment. Ade had gotten his address the last time he came home to see his family at Amunututu.  Ade briskly found a taxi, boarded it and went straight to Steve’s apartment.

“Kpo kpo” was the sound that emanated from his bang on Steve’s door. Steve not really expecting a visitor at that hour inquired as to who the visitor was “Who’s that?”
Ade replied it was him and Steve opened the door, being so glad to see his bosom friend, he hugged Ade and led him into his flat.

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