A World Without Peace – FAKOYA SALAMOT

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A world without peace

The earth would puff and cough like an engine

Tired of going any further

She would seek her mother

But where would she be?

For she is in need

In need indeed!

Then she begins to bother

No mother, no father

Who could help her?


A world without peace

We would enjoy sad happiness

For blood would be shed

And we would dwell in dull brightness

For poverty would be spread

Bogus laughter for all and sundry

What a shame it is

Why linger on a spot and not vary?

Let us be her aide

For the world is very diverse


A world without peace

We won’t cherish equity

For justice would have revealed its whiteness

But there would be a widespread of partiality

For injustice would have exposed its alertness

There would be agitated calmness

And a rouse of upset tranquility

What is living without stillness and serenity?

What is living without reconciliation?

Why not us are her aide?


A world without peace

Greed will be the sight

That will linger in the heart of man

And selfishness will be the might

That will loiter in the flesh of man

And greed they say, is man’s weakness

Is this not a sight of frailness?

Why then won’t we fail

When we lack shame

But fame in maiming?


A world without peace

Generosity will wilt

As kindness will evanesce

The strong would become the feeble

Because they have suffered paucity

Why then do they say health is wealth?

There would be no likeness

Because we won’t recognize the penniless

This will be so excruciatingly appalling

What do we expect of our descendants?


A world without peace

The earth would sicken

And when it sickens, we weaken

And she would die of breath

Of impure breath!

Has this ailment no cure?

We just need to be pure

And what is the cost of purity?

To cleanse impurity?

What will be days without peace?


A world without peace

The earth would sicken

And we would weaken

Like the stricken

We need the pure breath

And you know what the pure breath is?

It is a paradise that needs to be built

To cleanse the impure breath

We need peace!

We need peace!

We need the pure breath!

That does not only mean the absence of war or violence

And does not necessarily mean a sleep in mind

But a state of calmness and stillness,

A state of serenity and tranquility

Of equity and impartiality

Of concord and alliance

And of amity and calm

The atmosphere of pure breath

We need peace in our time


Is when contentment flows like our streamlined blood

And will be the sight

That will linger the heart of man

Altruism is the might

That loiters in the flesh of man

It is when generosity

And kindness are welcomed

Wholeheartedly by man

How jovial! After all, earth will exist


Can be felt

When selfishness and greed are relinquished,

When there is no disparity

Between the wealthy and the penniless,

When war is vanquished,

To be secure, pacified and submitted

Sooner and later

Happiness would spread

And joy will be bred

Just like our daily bread

Have we practiced these?

To promote peace

So we can live at ease?

There is a saying…

‘Peaceful mind, peaceful life’

Encourage intimacy and discourage pessimism

Vanquish poverty and sadness

By being generous and kind

Do these

And let earth have a peaceful mind

So that she can have a peaceful life.

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PenAStory is a group of young individuals with a passion for literature who have decided to come together to write under one platform. We seek to educate, inform as well as entertain our readers. Also, because we are targeting young literature lovers, we would like to touch on other interests of their lives hence the relationship category and because we all need a bit of motivation in our lives, we decided inspiration won't be so bad
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2 Responses to A World Without Peace – FAKOYA SALAMOT

  1. Raji Abiodun Lateef says:

    This is wonderful one from Fakoya Salamot, a Senior Secondary School (SS 1) one student of Linksbond College, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.
    She captured the world precarious situations and emphasized the need to make peace reign supreme.
    Kudos to the Management of Linksbond College, her Parents, her teachers and all worthiers.


  2. Razaak Idowu. S says:

    this is really great. Please, dare not stop, be encouraged to write more. The sky is your starting point. Well-done to you n all …


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