The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 2 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 1:

“Kpo kpo” was the sound that emanated from his bang on Steve’s door. Steve not really expecting a visitor at that hour inquired as to who the visitor was “Who’s that?”
Ade replied it was him and Steve opened the door, being so glad to see his bosom friend, he hugged Ade and led him into his flat.

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Steve was a young man who just secured a job, his apartment was set up nicely with a set of furniture, his small TV, a picture of himself and a small rug at the middle of the living room.
“Steve you be big man oo!” Ade exclaimed while scanning rapidly his friends abode. For a second his mind ran wide, he imagined if only he had made up his mind much earlier to come to the big city instead of wallowing in his self-aggrandizement back in his father’s house.

Steve treated Ade to a meal amidst chatting and laughter. The two friends were happy to see each other again.

“Ade so what’s your plan now that you have come to the city?” asked Steve.

The question blew Ades smile off his face instantaneously, of course he had no clearly cut out plan before he left Amunututu for the big city. Steve asked the question a second time and Ade snapped back to reality.

“Steve I nor get plan yet oo.”

“Bros ah ah how you go say you nor get plan before you come this side?” asked Steve.
There was absolute silence in the atmosphere for a while before Steve finally broke the silence by saying, “I go try find something make you dey do first.”

At the sound of that statement, Ade’s face brightened up. Throughout that nigh,t for the first time in a long while, Ade thought about his life extensively, he had one of the best school cert, even twice better than Steve’s yet he had no life. He thought about going to a university or a college of education (at least that was affordable in variance to the University), but where would he get the funds to do this? All these thoughts made him gloomy inside an already dark room.

The following day was a working day and Steve had gotten ready to leave for work. Ade met him in the sitting room having breakfast. They both had breakfast after which Steve stated he would search for a job which Ade could do. Ade began working as an office assistant in a private company. Steve had made done his promise of securing a job for Ade.  The thought of returning to school even on a part time level lingered on Ades mind every day as he moved files from one office to another. In due time, he had gained enough money to rent his one room apartment close to his place of work. He remained grateful to Steve for securing him a job, but his dreams in the big city were far from over.

Mr. Etim was the C. E. O of I.T TRUTH Conglomerate the company in which Ade worked as an office assistant. Due to Ade’s diligence and hardworking spirit (a spirit which he had to be possessed with in other to maintain a job at the company), Mr. Etim became interested as to why a well built and bright young man who spoke English fluently would be working as an office assistant instead of being on a higher pedestal. The day was Monday, and Ade had resumed for work very early looking neat and flickering a smile to everyone at the office. Mr. Etim came to work at about 9am and was met by the ever smiling Ade who inquired as to the well-being of Mr. Etim and his family.

“Oh we are all fine, and how was your weekend Ade?” asked Mr. Etim.

“My weekend was ok, thank you sir.”

The months rolled by and finally Ade was allowed to take a break off work to travel to his hometown Amunututu for the end of the year celebration.  The whole town of Amunututu was basking in the euphoria of the festivity. All the sons and daughters in diaspora came back home to celebrate with their loved ones. Ade wasn’t left out of course. At least he had a somewhat reasonable job, a little sum of money to spare on his trip and stay at home. Ade purchased some gifts for his parents and siblings, thereafter he boarded a bus back to Amunututu.

His mind was full with tales to tell at least he had held on to a little success in the city, his boss was well pleased with him and even gave him some money with which to celebrate the festive season. The only thing that saddened him was the fact that he had not fulfilled his dream of gaining higher education.


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