The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 3 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 2:

His mind was full with tales to tell at least he had held on to a little success in the city, his boss was well pleased with him and even gave him some money with which to celebrate the festive season. The only thing that saddened him was the fact that he had not fulfilled his dream of gaining higher education.

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The road was packed full with motorist plying it, women trading their wares and street beggars going about their business. The journey was really tiresome. After many hours on the road due to the hold up, Ade finally got home amidst cheers from his family members and friends. 
Mr. Abel was glad that his son was not looking bad at all and Mrs. Abel couldn’t hide her joy as well.

“Wow the city has treated you well oo my Son, welcome back,” Mrs. Abel said.

Ade handed her the things he purchased, his siblings were notified of his return and they ran swiftly home to welcome their big brother whom they had not seen for a long time. He handed gifts to every single member of his immediate family. The night was cool and they had dinner as a family. Mrs. Abel loved the wrapper which her son got for her. She quickly gave it to one of her daughters who was a tailor to hem the edges and make it into a “two wrapper” style.

“Ooo this is beautiful” she exclaimed when her daughter returned the wrapper.

Various persons came to pay Ade a courtesy visit to welcome him back from the big city. 
The day of the festival came and past, the holiday also gradually crept to a conclusion. It was time for Ade to return back to work in the city. He gave some money to his parents who prayed for him to succeed more in the city. They also gave him some cocoa for his personal consumption and some for his Boss Mr. Etim whom he spoke well of. The road was busy but of course not as busy as it was when Ade was going to Amunututu. He finally got back on Sunday afternoon. 

Ade was glad with the way he was welcomed back home. He thought about how the applaud would be if he could finally become a university graduate. He had started saving towards enrolling in a part time programme at the Federal university of Social and Management Sciences situated in the city, due to the fact that he worked in a company involved in Business administration, he fell in love with the way things were done at his work place (I.T TRUTH Conglomerate) and decided to attain the education which would spur him into becoming one of the administrators in a company also.

 The next day which was Monday and coincidentally the resumption day of work, he rose up early, got set took the cocoa pods which he brought from home; they were still fresh and good looking, and headed straight for work. All the staff exchanged pleasantries as they awaited the arrival of their boss.  At about 9am, Mr. Etim drove into the complex in his neat and classy Lexus jeep Rx370 the latest model…. of course he was very wealthy and had just returned from a vacation in Paris; himself and his family. They had a nice stay at Hotel Escanadal one of the world’s most renowned hospitality sites. On his return to his Abode in his country, he brought along the jeep.

Mr. Etim the Chief executive of I.T TRUTH conglomerate knew how to make and spend money adequately. He always struck a balance and this made him to peak as one of the wealthiest men at the time. The security man took his briefcase and escorted him into the complex building. Mr. Etim loved the colour “white” and this was evident in almost everything he had, even today he was clouded in a pure white Agbada.  The welcome which he received was massive and warming. He in turn welcomed all his staff to a new working period and charged them to aim to surpass their past records after which he went into his personal office. After a while, Ade took along the cocoa pods he had brought from his village and went into Mr. Etim’s office; of course Mr. Etim was pleased to see Ade looking good as always and with a smile plastered on his face (a trademark). They exchanged pleasantries once more before Ade intimated his boss about the gift which his parents sent him to give to his boss as a show of gratitude for being so nice to their boy. “Wow this is lovely Ade, I love cocoa so much where did they get these fine pods from”?. 
Ade replied that his parents actually had a cocoa plantation and these ones were part of their produce. Mr. Etim thanked Ade once more.


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