The Story and It’s Location

In last week’s topic I shared my opinion on “The power of Gratitude” and I remembered I bordered on showing appreciation to those who in one way or the other contributes to the progress and completion of our films. It is important for us to know that it does not necessarily need to involve monetary appreciation but also appreciation in behaviour and relations with workers. So in midst of knowing how to go about writing our story and getting our cast, I will like to share my opinion on “The Story and It’s Location”.

One of the many mistakes I see in movies I watch sometimes is how the wrong setting is used for a perfect scene in the movie. The setting is so important that it actually gives the audience an insight into what the actors aim to accomplish in that particular scene even before the dialogue and actions begin. A film-maker has to find coherence between the scene to be acted and the setting to be used. He or she should already picture the setting in his mind, making necessary corrections to it so that it indirectly tells the audience the subject matter of the movie even as the actors and all other movie constituents do too. Some film-makers may want to show a character who is poor, and they will make the mistake of revealing that character in a well furnished apartment. Sometimes, in in a scene in that location, the character complains that he or she has no food to eat because he or she is poor. The audience in their minds will think, but he is living in a very comfortable environment. The setting contradicts the meaning that is passed across there. Or it may be a man of affluence and his environment does not show any sign of prosperity.

Though the director has the picture of what he wants but it is the location manager that brings out the picture by scouting for the suitable location for story. He has to fit the characters, their actions and the meaning they give into specific settings which are suitable for each scene. A wrong location for a scene can douse the watchers interest in the film.

Please if you know you have that great story you want tell, get a good location to interpret what you have very well with the right location instead of having the wrong location to interpret your story.


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