Shooting A Music Video (Kelly B_ I Rep Jesus) – JOSEPH ADELEKE A.

The last post was on setting for your shoot. Since the aim of this series is to share my experience on set and also as a film maker, I will like to make this week’s topic “Shooting a Musical”.

Music video seems to be described as one of the simplest type of video anyone can shoot, but the truth is that it is more complicated than we hear people say. It is true that as a cinematographer we don’t have to obey the 180 degree rule (in film making), when it comes to shooting a musical. However, in my opinion, I believe it is very important to have a storyline for your shoot. Many music videos tend to not have anything to do with the song being sung by the musician. They assume that the essence of shooting a music video is just for aesthetics, but it is far more than that. I am currently working on a music video for one of Nigeria’s finest, fast rising gospel rapper, Kelly B.

I remember when I first collected the song from him, I had to listen to it over and over again which some cinematographers would hardly have time to do. I started creating a storyboard for it, having it in mind that it is not a circular song but rather a religious one. I had to understand the message the artist (Kelly B) is trying to pass across to his audience, then I started writing out scenes on how they can be achieved. Since I have my background in film making, I created a short story for the song in a way that it does not affect the content of the song negatively. I also asked of the artist’s (Kelly B) opinion on the type of production he wanted and also the location he would prefer. After listening to him, I shared my own idea with him and then we concluded before I went out to scout for a suitable location to help achieve the desired result for the shoot.

I feel, the moment many cinematographers start seeing musical shoot more than just having ladies around dancing but more about expressing the artist’s intended message, the more interesting a music video will be fun to watch.


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