The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 4 – DA JANDY

Excerpt From Episode 3:

They exchanged pleasantries once more before Ade intimated his boss about the gift which his parents sent him to give to his boss as a show of gratitude for being so nice to their boy. “Wow this is lovely Ade, I love cocoa so much where did they get these fine pods from?”
Ade replied that his parents actually had a cocoa plantation and these ones were part of their produce. Mr. Etim thanked Ade once more.

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As Ade left Mr. Etim’s office, the thought which had struck Mr. Etim’s mind concerning the fact that such a worthy young man deserved more than just the job of an office assistant, resurfaced. He had thought about the young man while on vacation in Spain, and had wondered what he could do to assist him become someone great in life. On getting home that day, Mr. Etim’s wife welcomed him. She was surprised to see the nice looking cocoa which her husband brought home. She inquired as to where and how he got the cocoa.

“My dear it was a gift from that young man I told you about who works as an office assistant in my company, he said his parents asked him to give me due to my kind gesture towards him,” said Mr. Etim.

“That is nice of him, God bless him,” replied Mrs. Etim.

“The cocoa was sweet and fresh, the children loved it, even my wife was happy to taste cocoa after a very long time, you know we don’t find such fresh fruits here in this city” Mr. Etim said as he thanked Ade once more for the cocoa the next day.

Months rolled by and Ade had saved a reasonable amount of money that could enable him enroll into the university for a part time degree in Business Administration. It was no coincidence that just as Ade was planning to tell Mr. Etim about his plans to return to school on a part time basis, Mr. Etim was also planning to intimate Ade about his plan to award him a scholarship to study a good course in the university as a way to show gratitude and assist him to become a better man well equipped to take the future. As fate would have it, Mr. Etim was the one who tabled the offer and Ade grabbed it with both hands.

Mrs. Etim was glad to meet the handsome young man who thought it wise to give a very scarce fruit to her family even before they did something worthwhile for him. She quickly made him comfortable. Ade had dinner at Mr. Etim’s house. That was the first time he entered the Government Reserved Area in the big city. It was a serene environment devoid of the usual blaring of horns, and many pedestrians walking along the street. Mr. Etim’s house was also of a palatial sort. The exterior was splendid but the greater aesthetics was encumbered in the interior. The Hdtv was to die for, the cushion was succulent, the Arabian was neatly vacuumed. Seeing all this Ade was further more determined to attain such status in the nearest future and now he finally had the golden opportunity; he vowed to make good use of it. After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Etim discussed with Ade about his choice of course to apply for and the requirements.
They unanimously agreed on Business Administration, a four year course and to add icing to the already fluffy cake, Mr. Etim told Ade to apply for a full time study so as to fully concentrate and excel beyond measures thereafter if he did very well, he could return to the company to take up a better post.

 It all seemed like a dream to Ade. The amount of joy which emanated from his matured face was infectious. He thanked the Etims vigorously and was asked to deliver all the necessary details concerning his admission process to Mr. Etim’s table when he had gotten them ready.
The next day was a Tuesday and Ade was given the day off to source for details concerning his admission procedure. He went straight to the Federal University of Social and Management Sciences.  As God would have it, the sale of admission form was ongoing. He got all the required details and even went to the Business Administration department to have a view of his dream department. The whole incident gave him a warm smile as he had been far from school for a long while and the thought of returning back gave him much aura.

“No time to waste time,” goes the popular saying so Ade arranged the details he needed and headed to I.T TRUTH conglomerate. Mr. Etim quickly gave him the required funds to purchase the form and past question for the entrance exam which was two months away. Ade being a brilliant young man had minimal difficulties while perusing the past questions. He was glad to be in touch with what he loved best.


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4 Responses to The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 4 – DA JANDY

  1. J. B. Hunter says:

    The chronicle of Ade Abel by DA JANDY is the “Bomb“. Im just throught with Episode 4 and still expecting…
    Pls when is the continuation going to be out? When it does, please notify me through my email.

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  3. Da Jandy says:

    Thanks J. B Hunter.
    Much respect from the author of “THE CHRONICLES OF ADE ABEL”. DA JANDY. I really appreciate you taking out time to read and comment positively on my work. Just stay put and watch what’s in the bag for ADE ABEL.


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