The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 5 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 4:

Mr. Etim quickly gave him the required funds to purchase the form and past question for the entrance exam which was two months away. Ade being a brilliant young man had minimal difficulties while perusing the past questions. He was glad to be in touch with what he loved best.

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Excessive reading doesn’t kill, does it? At least Ade didn’t die. He paid the office visits once in a while and on those visits, Mr. Etim being who he is, always inquired about the success which Ade has achieved in his course of preparing for the entrance exams. The exam was fast approaching and Ade was gaining knowledge at a per second billing. When it was two days to the exam, he paid the Etims a visit just to intimate them of his exams once more. They prayed with him and admonished him to make good use of the opportunity.  He sure did make good use of the opportunity because by the time the result was released, he had the highest score, beating the fresh secondary school leavers and topping the admission list. Ade’s joy knew no bound, he was not only happy for himself but obviously he was happy that he did not let Mr. and Mrs. Etim down. 

Boarding a bus, he dashed straight to the office to dole out the great news. Mr. Etim was pleased. He smiled satisfactorily and said “Ade you would accompany me home. My wife must see and hear this”. Mrs. Etim was even more pleased that a man who was close to thirty could be the best at an entrance exam. This spurred her to give Ade some money personally to start preparing to resume in a month’s time. Ade felt lucky, he planned to travel briefly to Amunututu to give his parents and siblings the good news.

 On getting to Amunututu his hometown, everyone was glad to see him as he was not expected to be back till during the festival.”Hope all is well Ade my son?” was what Mrs. Abel said on sighting her son.

“Mama all is well, I have great news for the family.”

 “What news”?  Mr. Abel inquired from his son.

Ade told them everything and how he was to resume his academics in the university soonest.
His parents were glad and in this case, one would not be able to call it a dream come true because they actually never dreamt of it. The prayers for Mr. Etim and his family was immeasurable. Ade spent a few days at home and returned to the big City to make proper preparations for his resumption at the university.  No doubt, Ade was one of the oldest persons in the class. There were also other elderly ones because University Education was a prestigious feat.

On and off went the semesters and after three years of record breaking and tongue wagging results from Ade, the last lap of the race finally surfaced. Mr. and Mrs. Etim were pleased with the reports from Ade and also the school authority who told them they had not seen a grown man perform so well with little of no stress at all. Ade did better in the last lap, and finally graduated with distinction from the department of Business Administration.

His joy knew no bound and to his greatest surprise, Mr. Etim asked him to send for his parents back in Amunututu so they could grace their senior son’s Convocation ceremony.
It was their first time in the busy city. Despite Mr. Abel being a business man who sold cocoa, he had never left his locale let along come to the center of the town where the Etims resided and also where the convocation wining and dining took place. The opportunity gave Mr. Abel and Mr. Etim time to discuss and undermining the fact that Mr. Abel wasn’t fluent in English language, they both got along.  Ade accompanied his parents back to Amunututu and the reception he got from foe and kin was just as he had imagined would be.  Ade felt fulfilled. A feeling he hadn’t tasted in a long while. Guests were entertained, his seven siblings were glad to see their elder brother looking good and fresh.  They now began to have thoughts of relocating to the city also.

Fast forward to two weeks later, it was finally time for Ade to return to the big city and discuss the job offer which Mr. Etim had for him. Ade wasted no time in heading back to the big City. He paid the Etims a courtesy visit. They were glad he had finally returned. Mr. Etim discussed about the job offer, the benefits and others. This allured Ade immediately and he was asked to resume at I. T TRUTH conglomerate the following day after a four year hiatus.


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  1. J. B. Hunter says:

    Interestingly Splendid! More of this story would be highly appreciated.
    Big ups to the writer.

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