The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 6 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 5:

Fast forward to two weeks later, it was finally time for Ade to return to the big city and discuss the job offer which Mr. Etim had for him. Ade wasted no time in heading back to the big City. He paid the Etims a courtesy visit. They were glad he had finally returned. Mr. Etim discussed about the job offer, the benefits and others. This allured Ade immediately and he was asked to resume at I. T TRUTH conglomerate the following day after a four year hiatus.

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Ade resumed the following day at the office. He looked smart and neat as always the only difference was the load of enlightenment radiating all over him. Of course he wasn’t the office assistant anymore.

“Boys don upgrade,” Mr. Etim reintroduced Ade as a graduate of the Federal university of Social and Management Sciences.

            All the staff clapped and congratulated him. Although some weren’t particularly pleased with the way he found favour in the sight of their boss. Ade was elevated to the position of Manager in another branch of I. T TRUTH conglomerates down town. Of course he had a bigger apartment now and an official car.  It all felt like a dream.

“Me, a young boy from Amunututu is now heading a company in the big city. God is great,” were the words of Ade when he assumed the position of manager at the branch office.

 The news got to Mr. and Mrs. Abel. Oh! what joy filled their hearts. Their little boy was now a big man. Amassing all these successes, Ade though it right to extend a hand of fellowship to his siblings. His salary was big enough to do so. He relocated some to the city to either do a business or attend school. In no distant time, every one of his siblings were settled.
Ade’s parents were particularly glad that their son had finally actualised his dream and was living a good life. Alas, Mrs. Abel, Ade’s mother was getting worried about the fact that some of Ades younger ones had gotten married but Ade hadn’t and he seemed not to be searching for a life partner.

 On Ades visit to Amunututu, to inspect the renovation which was going on in his father’s house courtesy yours faithfully, His mum wasted no time in inquiring about when he would settle down. He was well advanced in age by now. Ade for once figured that he had not thought about that aspect of life. He promised to think about it before departing for the City.
Getting back to the city, Ade made up his mind to find a young decent lady to take home.
He paid his old time friend, Steve, a visit and what he saw further spurred him to get serious about finding a bride to take home to mama. Steve was married now with three children. Ade was his age mate and was wealthier compared to Steve in all ramification safe for having a nuclear family.

Chioma was a nice girl who just graduated from the College of Education and now taught at a secondary school close to Ade’s place of work. The day was a cold one. Everyone went about their businesses putting on thick cloths. Some even holding umbrellas to shield themselves from the drizzle.  This didn’t affect Ade due to the availability of a ride. Alas it did affect the young lady Chioma. It was about 3pm in the afternoon and the rain didn’t relent, the tempo kept on increasing causing great discomfort to everyone (including some motorists who had no air conditioners in their cars). Chioma had a small umbrella which she tried to use in covering herself but it was of no use the rain became more intense. She had to trek due to the unavailability of public transport service. Her clothes were getting drenched rapidly, she sort for shelter but none seemed available.

Then as providence would have it, Ade drove along the road, his intention was to quickly pick up something from a client before heading back to work. The sight of Ade seeing a charming young lady being battered by the relentless downpour pricked his conscience. He drove towards Chioma and offered her a ride. The young lady’s desire had just been fulfilled, she felt lucky. The air conditioner of the car made her shiver. Ade noticed and turned on the heater to dry her clothes and keep her warm. He was surprised at the instantaneous manner in which he tried to make a total stranger feel comfortable, something he seldom indulged in. Chioma’s face brightened up and she shivered no more. The rain began to subside. Ade inquired about her name, where she worked and where she would love to alight. She told him those details. Ade introduced himself also and went further to tell her his place of work. He didn’t want to ask the lady further questions.

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